Ace Nichols

Jedi Name: Ace Nichols

Home Planet: Dantooine

Race: Humanoid

Gender: Male

Height: 1.79 meters[2]

Hair color: Brownish Blond, later White

Eye color: Blue-gray

Idol: Obi Wan Ben Kenobi

Rank: Jedi Knight

Base class: Guardian

Advanced class: Weaponsmaster

Master's: Grand Master Cameo Capalini- New Master
Master Yoki Lightfoot-New Master
Master Michelangelo Mournier-Old Master


It all started off when I was born in Dantooine. When i was 9 my father died but i still had my mother around. My mother was a jedi in the Kotor order. She told one of her masters of my knowledge and special abilities i had. I was then taken in by Master Michelangelo Mournier in as a KOTOR Jedi Padawan. In the next coming years i earned my rank as a Jedi Knight in the Knights of the old republic. I was knight when the all out force war broke loose on dantooine and destroyed our order. I then found the new Kotor order on Telos IV and got back into the order, by Master Lightfoot. A jedi by the Code. And a Jedi of Honor. Now i am a Kotor Jedi Knight-Guardian. From here the order broke off again and it got disbaneded.

I traveled for many years until i found an order that worked for me. This order was founded on Ord Mantell. This was the Order of New Hope, which is exactly as i needed. I was turned from a Jedi Knight into a Master and took on a padawan and started my first padawanship/Master. I soon become one of the head council members and from the everything seemed good. Until the day i left for my last mission on my absense the temple was destroyed by my own padawan and the order fell……

From there i went to the planet of Onderon where i found my new home. I saw the Queen of Onderon on my first couple days there and after hearing about the assassination attempt on her i new i had to help out. So she invited me into her royal guard forces to protect her from future attacks.

From there i joined the order of Ac'trayth also know as JOTA where i was elected a Jedi Knight from my experiance with the force and my jedi history. This is where my Story Continues, as a Knight in the JOTA order letting the force guide and protect me.

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