Name: Kabraxxis Desade
Race: Human
Home planet: Tatooine
Age: N/A
Eye color: Unknown
Blood type: O-
Galactic Prison Identification: A7 101001 B
Prison Details - Physical: Scar across left eye appearing cauterized, multiple scars upon torso and back from laceration and cauterization, one scar over right pectoral in shape of a circular burn that exits torso on upper right back, strange tribalistic scar burned into palms believed to have Mandalorian origin

"Immortality is never found by those who seek it. Legends, however…"-Adazca

Little is known of the origins of Kabraxxis beyond what records were kept by the Imperial Remnant during his captivity on two occasions. It has been confirmed that his birthplace is Tatooine
where his petty criminal activities as an adolescent merited him two years service upon a prison in Kessel. It is upon his release of Kessel that the formal records of Kabraxxis cease to exist.


The earliest known sightings of a young Darth Adazca can be attributed to holocrons recovered from the destroyed Sith Temple upon Dantooine. It is believed that Darth Adazca received his title from Zeltron Sith Lord known as Darth Thirroul. Fewer records still remain of this individual though it has been confirmed that his death was at Adazca's hand leading many to accept the belief that Thirroul was his Master and his death forged the beginning of Adazca's Sith ascension.


Immediately proceeding Thirroul's death Darth Adazca moved forward and took hs first two apprentices, lady Raven and Archier Field. Taking two apprentices instead of one was in violation of the Sith Code established by the reigning Dark Lords of the Sith and resulted in his denunciation from the the Order. It was this action that prompted Adazca to begin construction of a new Order stationed upon the remote planet of Rhen Var. Upon Rhen Var his new Order flourished; The Sith Ancients believed that strength could only be found in survival of the fittest and under Adazca's training the Sith Ancients would come to be known for it's devastating warriors and heartless Sith.

Despite the unconventional methods Darth Adazca believed in his name came to be recognized within the Sith ranks as an accepted, albeit grudgingly, Sith Lord capable of sitting upon the Council. At his time of joining Adazca was believed to be the youngest Sith serving the Dark Lord's Council next only to Darth Caliga, a Sith Lord from the Enigma. During his stays upon Dantooine where the Council was located it was rumored that Adazca met the acquaintance of Darshe Aliev - a renowned duelist and Sith warrior. There are no records that can prove the existence of this individual leaving it up to speculation that it was Aliev that became Adazca's most challenged rival. There are numerous references in holocrons left by Adazca that speak of battles and heated duels fought both beside and against Aliev and there were numerous scars located on Adazca's body that are accounted to wounds left by this man.

Time passed and the reigning Dark Lady of the Council, Dark Lady Malice, elected Mortious Darragh to usurp the throne. Taking the honorary title of Darth Validus to accompany his new role, this change in power would result in a period of peace for the many rival Orders of Sith. Unlike Malice or Dark Lord Padar before her Validus had a visionary goal of uniting the Sith under one planet, one Empire - a dream of enosis to the Sith womb of Byss. Darth Adazca was the first to pledge his Order's allegiance to the Dark Lord's dream and was soon followed by the New Order of the Sith and the Order of the Dark Lords of the Sith. However, before Adazca's service to Validus could come to fruition a betrayal within his own Order began a chain of events that would remove the Sith Ancients from power.


Pain engulfed the man's heart. Pain had refined it, mutilated and twisted it until nothing but a mirror remained. Through this window Darth Adazca saw in himself the weakness he had taught his Sith to avoid, he saw the frailty of all the unworthy souls of the galaxy within himself… Purging was the only answer. -Memories of Adazca, a holocron found on Ziost

Darth Adazca was seen as a ruthless warrior by most Sith, and a wanted criminal of the Jedi Republic to others. However, within his Order it was rumored that he had grown feelings for his own student lady Raven. It has been debated whether or not this rumor holds any truth and what light it may shed to the conspiracy that followed.

Lady Raven had coerced several members of the Sith Ancients to rally against Adazca in a coup to overthrow his reign. Like Adazca had done to Thirroul, Raven knew that the only way to achieve Darth status was to overcome her Master. Unknown to Adazca, Raven had persuaded his two other apprentices, Darth Dissidus and Kizu Katayama, to lead the plot against him. The conspiracy came into action prematurely when whispers of dissent arose from those involved and the Order erupted into violent revolt between those who supported Raven and those who remained loyal to Adazca. Raven's mutiny had defeated into submission the opposing students when Adazca returned to Rhen Var and found a rushed ambush awaiting. Alerted to the deceit awaiting within his Temple Adazca called forth Raven and uncovered her plot. The dispute was to be settled by the Codes Adazca himself had set forth upon the Order - any disagreement between those subservient to the higher ranks of the Order were to be settled by a fight to the death. In this manner Adazca was able to single handedly defeat each of his students and apprentices in one on one combat and bring an end to Raven's conspiracy. By the end of the conflict Archer Field was dismissed from his apprenticeship and Raven was spared. Kizu Katayama, apprentice and old friend of Adazca, was slain before Raven as proof he too would abide by Sith Code.

Although a physical defeat for Raven, the effect on Adazca was devastating. He had won over his Order once more but at the cost of losing his apprentices and slaying many of the students he had trained himself. At the heart of the detriment was the realization that Adazca had failed to raise a Sith who was truly worthy of taking his place. Falling into a despair Adazca admitted that Raven had earned her Darth title by proving her heartless dedication to the Sith ways and granted her Darth status before vanishing into a self-placed exile.

In his exile, Adazca lost what remaining feelings he had and abandoned all emotions so that he could better encompass the only emotion that drove him - hatred. Adazca's actions are documented most thoroughly during this time in Republic archives due to the frequency upon which Adazca was known to strike at any and all Jedi he found. These attacks became nothing short of suicidal; no one Jedi was able to stand up against the ferocity of Adazca's martial skill and sheer hate for weakness, yet if one Jedi could not stop him then Adazca sought to known how many he would have to fight until he found a group who could. At last this group was discovered within the Jedi Enclave of Yavin where Adazca made an assault and was defeated by a defending team of five Jedi Knights and Masters. His violent spree was put to an end yet dozens of young Jedi paid the price to stop him. These sentiments of bitterness and a desire for retribution led padawan Asalis Cruyuff to end Adazca's life in the medical bay of the Enclave where he was being held.

Later review of the hologram records documented that Adazca had coaxed the padawan into driving the saber through his chest.

A Second Chance

-Database lost…retrieving….-

Adazca 77

-Database lost…retrieving-

Things Fall Apart

He said the writing on the walls, he recognized it. It was a name. He said the name was Adazca. The screaming has started again. This time it sounds furious.


Accessing logs…

Authorization code: *****

Clear. Access granted.

SUBJECT : A7 101001 B

New log…


A7-B/ Initation:
The subject was delivered today, he was restrained
and showed great resistance at first. After sedatives were employed we were able to begin initial analysis.
At first, we detected nothing. The first hours of research
yielded nothing out of the ordinary; a healthy specimen.
Abortion seemed probable.
As the findings were being concluded we came across something strange. While splicing the subject's DNA matter we happened across what appeared to be a dormant gene series.
Our findings were sent to her as requested and permission was received to study further.

A7-B Day Two:
The gene series has been located- it resides in the specimen's M.RNA sequence. This is a startling discovery. Just yesterday those same genes had been dormant, and now… they appear to be reproducing.
Specimen's vitals are unstable but dropping. Sedative input has been reduced and vitals appear to be neutralizing. We are documenting our findings, we are sure she will be most interested to hear this latest news.

A7-B Day Three:

There was an incident earlier in which two of our own were
injured after an outbreak during sedative treatment. Subject
had escaped restraints; cell was secured and gassed. One
researcher has been treated with various fractures, two
guards have entered the medical wing for bacta treatment.

Specimen was recoverred and placed under heavier restraints.
Samples being extracted.

Processing data….

Registries compiling….


A7-B Day Four:
Samples have returned from analysis chambers. We've never
seen anything like this before…
M.RNA appears to have re-entered the DNA sequence during
mitosis. Blood samples show a dramatic difference today, a
cell body that has yet to be classified. Samples taken from
the subject multiply even when removed from the body .
Sending blood samples for a Class IV analysis…


A7-B Day Five:
Cells are dividing. Not dividing, multiplying- exponentially.
This is incredible. It appears that the rogue gene we
discovered within the subject's M.RNA has resurfaced
in the system with red blood cells that have been
Anaylsis of sampled cells yielded a strange reading. Later
examination proved these to be "midichlorians". How
these cells are being produced is unidentified.

Subject entered a comatose state. Vitals have
dropped to dangerous levels. Subject A7-101001 B
being transported to level IV Sustainment chamber.

A7-B Day Six:
Subject has not responded to repeated stimuli tests,
vitals are hovering at minimal levels. Perhaps sample
extraction was too rough.

A7-B Day Seven:
Cells continue to produce midichlorians instead of energy.
Sustenance rich bacta has been added to treatment but
still no reaction to stimuli.
Brain waves were monitored; strangely, there appears to
be activity in the cerebral column. Subject A7 101001 B
has maintained a conscious.

On a side note, there was a breach in the medical lab.
One of the soldiers receiving bacta treatment broke
free of the containment chamber and sustained further
injury. Reports suggest trauma or psychosis.
Medical facilities closed until repairs can be made.

A7-B Day Eight:
A scientist went missing today. The soldier responsible
for the incident at the med lab has been screaming all
day. No one can understand most of anything he's
saying- it doesn't sound like anything even the droid
has heard, let alone Basic.

Subject A7 101001 B has shown no change in condition.
Tomorrow we will move specimen to a holding chamber in
order to draw a sample for midichlorian content analysis.

When will that screaming stop…?


A7-B Day Nine:
Something has got ahold of people here. Not just the soldier from a few days but… my colleagues are getting spooked. The screaming
has only gotten worse and we've had to move him to the Containment level. Last night he began cutting himself, med lab has been cleaning the mess all day.

The extraction of cells from Subject A7 101001 B failed today. The technician responsible claimed he just couldn't get his hand to remove the sample. Not long after he was moved to the med lab after signs of nausea.

I'll take the extraction myself.

A7-B Day Ten:
I obtained the sample today. I understand how
that technician felt yesterday- taking the damned thing proved to be the most difficult thing I've ever had to to. As hard as I tried I
just couldn't bring myself to touch the specimen. My head was pounding as I finally made contact and withdrew the sample.

The man in Containment has stopped screaming. Now he just laughs. I couldn't sleep last night because of it. I hear they're going to
mask him tonight; stop the madness from that cell.

I know it sounds illogical but… I've got a bad feeling about this whole ordeal.

A7-B Day Eleven:
…Containment level is being cleaned. Sometime
this morning the soldier killed himself- everyone heard it. His blood was on the walls, the ceiling, and rumor is going around he had
written something on the walls before he went. They won't tell us what it said but the clean-up crew seemed really spooked. I don't blame them.

Still no response from Subject A7 101001 B but we've been carefully monitoring his brain patterns. He's alive, and whatever is going on in his head is reaching a breaking point.

Completed midichlorian test on the sample we removed. It registered at 29.500. Don't know what that means but the cells are still multiplying.

A7-B Day Twelve:
\\:> Access logs…dEnieD
\\:>Root sYstEm OVERIDE….
….AuthorizAtion granted.
\\:>System OverIDe

Systems have crashed, switching to reserve sources now. We've had to close off the Containment level altogether due to power
limits but no one objected to it. Also can't seem to get the blast doors open to the surface. Technicians say it won't take long to fix but…

They say Lumiya herself forbid anyone to tell what the soldier wrote on the walls yesterday. For the Lady herself to intervene seems strange.

No one knows yet but I've diverted most of our remaining power into containing Subject A7 101001 B. Call it superstition but if he awakes the last place I want to be is here.


A7-B Day Thirteen:

I couldn't extract a sample from Subject. I ****cking saw it, the needle bent away from his body. They think I'm crazy, that I bent it myself, but I showed them the recording. No one knows what to think.
People want to kill off Subject A7 101001 B. Terminate this project, get out before anything else happens. The Lady has sent a personal team of ex-Deathwatch to secure us but no one cares. We want to get out of here.

The cells have stopped changing. There is no measurable increase in midichlorians detected and it looks almost as if they're returning to their original state.

I just want to get out of here….

A7-B Day Fourteen:

Subject A7 101001 B is waking. His body began responding this morning and we've restrained him with everything we have. We were going to terminate him right there but one of the soldiers responsible for protecting the interests of Lumiya pulled a blaster on us. Told us to return to our labs.

Systems are failing still; they haven't repaired anything. We're running out of resources. No one will go near Subject A7 101001 B. One of the technicians who cleaned the Containment level is locking himself in the Storage room. He says he knows what's coming. He said the writing on the walls, he recognized it. It was a name.
He said the name was Adazca.

The screaming has started again. This time it sounds furious.

Lady help us…
-From the last transmissions of the Overlord

The Crusade

"All men die. This is not tragic. What saddens me is that men will die without ever serving a purpose worth dying for. We are not so different, Master Starr. But it is that we are equal - that we are true rivals that we must die. Not as one weaker than the other. Not as mortals. But as warriors. As the Jedi were meant to be." - Adazca to Jedi Master Koji Starr

Adazca's return to the Sith marked the end of an era within the Force. Facing his own mortality and disgusted by the stagnation that both his Sith and the Jedi had fallen into Adazca quickly fell under Validus' wishes once more and embarked on a crusade to eliminate the last remaining Jedi Masters. Highest upon his list were the Knights and Masters that Adazca once admired and fought against in his past; Master Hanumi Takakura, Jedi Knight Riki Barrett and the last and most difficult of his challenges: the legendary Jedi Master Koji Starr.


"Each word you say, shows me that you fail at understanding what life, and the force is." - Jedi Master Takakura to Adazca

"Death is only another begining my friend.. *cough* .. the Force flows through all people.. all things.. and I return to it, not to be erased from this Galaxy, but to flow through every person, every place.. every soul. Perhaps I will no longer be here.. but I will be everywhere else." - Jedi Master Starr's final words


His hand stumbles to the counter, taking the bottle into his fist before answering. "I'm not Adazca. Adazca is dead. If he's not - I'm going to drink him dead. I don't know who you are but Bastet is dead too. You'll soon follow if you ever remind me that she is gone again."

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