Anglean Jaxxon

Name: Anglean Jaxxon
Known as: General Jaxxon

Occupation: Soldier

Homeworld: Coruscant

Race: Human (cacusain)

Age: 24

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Current Status:

General of the Guard of Vjun. He is in charge of the security of the Sith world of Vjun, and the Protection of the Sith of that world.

Background Information:

Anglean was born in a military family, who has served the Imperial Empire since the days of the old Republic. Duty and honor was how he was raised, and he brought those ideas with him as he began his own journey in life.

Since the Old Imperial Empire, the use of lightsabers by non-force users became common. One man who mastered the saber, was the uncle of Anglean. Anglean learned how to weild a sword and lightsaber from a young age, and soon he too became a master swordsman.

Imperial Army Profile:

Following in the foot steps of his father, he joined the Imperial Army. The Army was newly formed under the command of a Major Maks, who ran the army into the ground. He served with honor and duty, even when the army was already falling apart and it's leader already going crazy.

When Major Maks betrayed the Imperial Empire, Anglean stood against him. For this act of loyalty Anglean was promised a place in the army by the Colonel of the Strom Corps, but soon after he was thrown on the street. Rumor has it that he was betrayed by the Storm Corps, because he was not willing to speak against his superiors when they did things that he did not like.

Anglean sought out an Empire that would reward loyal and obedient soldiers, and he found that great Empire on Vjun.

RGOV Profile:

He joined the Royal Guard of Vjun as a Lieutenant, because of his military experience. He soon became the leader of the RGOV after his display of duty, his military knowledge, and his leadership ability.

After restructuring the RGOV and making it a more elite army, he leads them to reclaim their former glory as they spread fear and death accross the galaxy.

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