Ardonis Commodore

Name: Ardonis Commodore

Age: 38
Race: Human
Affiliation: Formerly Grand Master of the Imperial Knights. Currently unknown.

History: Once a Jedi Knight of an order little known outside of its own members, Ardonis lead the life as most Jedi would. As the war with the Sith raged on between the Empire, and it’s counter, the Sith Empire, many times would the Jedi try to intervene and help the Fel Dynasty in its fight against the growing powers of the Sith forces. The proclaimed Emperor of the Sith did not take to highly to the Jedi Orders interference in his quest for power. A large fleet amassed over the Praxeum’s planet, decimating the planetary forces as they pushed towards the Jedi temple. But the Sith forces weren’t enough to hold the Jedi within the confines of their own walls. Before long, the Jedi were pushing through the ranks of Troopers and Sith Lords, enough to the point that the fleet captain called for a planetary evacuation. In a last attempt, the orders were given to orbitally bombard the planet to demolish the Jedi forces. Nothing more then burnt craters, scattered bodies, and battle torn buildings stood. Few survived the bombardment, Ardonis included. After being nursed back to help bye citizens of a neighboring city out of the blast radius, he frantically began his search through the wreckage of the Jedi Praxeum in hopes of finding some remains or knowledge of his wife. Grief stricken, his search went on for over a week before finally he succumbed to exhaustion. He knew all was lost, and he was left with nothing. Though as a few months passed, he found new drive, a new purpose for what was left of his life. Vengence. From that point he quested across the galaxy in search of the Sith Emperor, but he knew deep down his fight was futile unless he had the power to properly fight him and his minions. His journeys then took another turn, in search of more indepth knowledge of the force. Moving from one highly force sensitive region to the next, he spent most of his time in search of holocrons and text that would tell him more than any Jedi Master would teach inside of the order. As his knowledge grew more vast with the teachings and tricks, his dabbling with the dark side of the force would have its mark on his body, draining him slightly of his youth. His search went on for years, at one point even entangling his path with the Sith as a member. His plot to destroy them from the inside was futile though as those he had allied himself with fell to the hands of their superiors. Along his travels, odd friendships occurred as he would help out people that normally would loathe the help of his kind, but of course he would receive as much as he had given. Forming a friendship with the Death Watch would soon lead him to his next calling, as would someone else. While roaming through Naboo, he met up with one of the members of Death Watch, who was drinking with a young Zeltron. While they talked, a fight brewed outside between a few Sith and bounty hunters. Unable to sit idly by and watch, Ardonis quickly joined in the fight, helping the local citizens take out the aggressors. This formed his long growing friendship with Drisana(Sana), the young Zeltron. She was a lost Padawan, seeking guidance in the force who had no place to turn after she was captured months before. Ardonis took her in as his first student in over ten years, teaching her mostly basics at the time, force manipulation, and saber finesse. When her interest came to lie with the Empire, her next mentor served as the Grand Master of the Imperial Knights, Koji Starr. Like Ardonis, Koji had once lived as a Jedi, and saw potential between Ardonis and Sana to become a powerful pair. Sana vowed to become an Imperial Knight soon afterwards, and with the growing confrontations with the Empire and the Sith, Ardonis volunteered as well. Koji had other plans though. Sana soon enrolled in the Telos Jedi Order, with the promise that when she became a Knight, Koji would enstate her as a knight of the Empire, and Ardonis as well. Despite Ardonis pushing for Koji to let him in sooner so he could fight, it would eventually be too late. Traitors spawned from within the ranks, soon turning to the side of the Sith. The two Sith witches killed the Grand Admiral, and tore through the ranks before Ardonis and a few members of the Storm Commandos put them down. All seemed to be at an end after that. Though Ardonis had ceased giving up at that point. Tracking down one of the Admirals who still had contact with the Emperor, who had gone into hiding, Ardonis and the newly instated Grand Admiral picked up promptly where the Empire had left off. Taking over the title of Grand Master, Ardonis reformed the Imperial Knights, basing themselves out of an abandoned outpost on Ilum. From there as their forces grew, they branched out, soon taking Tatooine, and Naboo back into Imperial control again. Though before long, Ardonis could see through the power hungry nature of the Grand Admiral, and forced him to retire. With the help of High Admiral Vesperia, they took Grand Admiral Varun out of office, though he did not take it lightly, and formed a Rebellion against the Empire. Things went well for a good while after that. Sana was brought into the Knights, and was the tying bind between the Empire and the Jedi order. Sana and Ardonis formed a relationship out of the time spent together, though it was rather shaky. He was jealous, and to full of pride at many times, plus his closed up heart and cold nature eventually drove her away. It was only then that he realized that she had given him back some bit of humanity and peace, though it seemed it was too late for them. All seemed to turn for the worse afterwards. The Sith began to grow in force yet again, ruthlessly attacking at random, even striking at his heart when they would go directly for Sana to get to him. The months to come would certainly try his sanity and his courage, but as always, the largest threat was the one that grew from within. They would later find out fully that the regional governor, Moff Ar’zona, was really a Sith seeking to use the Fel Dynasty as his boost to power. Ardonis seemed to disappear for some time, as he had gone to do service directly with the Emperor as his aid and guard. In his absence the Empire began to crumble once again, leaving next to nothing behind but ruins. During his time away, he met up with Sana on her homeworld of Zeltros, staying with her while she dealt with her family. Both came back to the more known regions of space soon afterwards to find that all that they had fought for was slowly degrading. Eventually Ardonis lost track of the Emperor, and Sana in the years following, which brought him back to nothing once more. It wasn’t until Talmerith approached him on Telos IV, that he would find a path again. The now, Commander Jael, told him the ill fate of the Empire after he left, and how the Moff had been exposed as a Sith. She enlisted his help soon afterwards in rebuilding the Empire, though he was hesitant to do so, he eventually succumbed to her wishes, reclaiming his rank as the Grand Master to help rebuild the Empire in the design of the Fel Dynasty.
Rough history. Tried to squeeze in as much vital history as needed.

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