Atticus Jetaime

Name: Atticus Jetaime
Alias: Morpheus, Atti

Birth Place: Telos IV

Home Planet: Corellia, Golden Beach

Occupation: Self Employed; Founder of the New Potentium of Unification

Spouse: Talmerith Jael

Relatives: Birth Mother-Dark Lady Raven; Birth Father-Engineered Sith; Sister-Divine Slade; Adoptive Mother-Sarah Jetaime; Adoptive Father-Morpheus Jetaime; Adopted Daughter-Nemu Jetaime; Daughter-Sabintha Jetaime; Daughter-Jade;
Son-Aiden Jael; Granddaughter-Acantha Heron; Niece-Iria Starr

Age: 88 (current clone body in mid-thirties)

Race: Human, Albino

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Gray and Black

Character History:

"I am strong in the lightside of the force, Lucas..the Sith can never turn me."
- Atticus Jetaime, Jedi Knight

Atticus was a pawn from the very beginning of his life. A Sith by the name of Darth Aatos had a vision of a powerful Dark Lord taking over the planet Telos IV…many years in the future. Aatos decided that he would put this path into motion. He used altered genes from Ancient Sith and implanted them into an egg that was taken from the Dark Jedi, Lady Raven. When the boy, Atticus, was born, Aatos gave him up for adoption to a merchant couple - Morpheus and Sarah Jetaime. Not much is known of this time in Atticus' life, except that Sarah died young and left home at the age of 15 to explore the galaxy.

Atticus traveled for many years and did not seek a path with the force until he was much older. Again, much of this history is unknown. Atticus himself has said that he spent much of that time in isolation…self teaching himself meditation studies…which could explain his expertise in the area of the mind itself. He also used chemicals to pigment his skin to hide his Albinism (he feared it made him look like a Sith). At the age of 40, Atticus came upon Master Jerico Yost of the Shadow Jedi Order. Jerico took an interest in this man and trained Atticus himself. Atticus rose quickly to Knight, and the Master for training a young padawan named Diakonos Delcon. During his time at the Shadow Jedi Order, Atticus made some close friends…Diakonos, Cyclone McLeod, Pandora Regent, Lucas Atlantis and his closest friend, BelMakor Speedwell.


It was on an expedition back to Atticus' homeworld, Telos IV, that he, Diakonos and Cyclone found a crystal, strong in the force, that was believed to be the heart of Telos. They were intrigued and brought the Jedi to Telos IV to rebuild. During that time, Atticus met his first wife, Jedi Master Krystal Giove. Little did he know, a young Sith by the name Natalie Sin was also on Telos with a Sith faction led by Dark Lady Sage. Natalie was trained by a follower of Aatos himself…it would be Natalie who would make sure Atticus met his fate and become the Dark Lord of Telos. Her first attempt was simple…trick the pregnant Master Giove into turning Sith to save her "child." Once turned, Giove (now Lady Seryl), told Atticus that she would kill their unborn baby if he did not turn is well. Atticus fell, and then became Lord Morpheus of the Sith. He was a cruel Sith, but intelligent…often disagreeing with his superiors in how the Sith could best rise to power. He believed that the Sith should only kill if it was strategic…that power could be won through manipulation, not obliteration. Seryl grew wary of him, and turned her sights on their daughter, Sabintha, who was quite strong in the force. Seryl's madness and belief in Sith Alchemy led her to attempt the murder of Sabintha. This drove Morpheus back to the light…and Atticus took Sabintha from the Sith to raise her with the Gray Jedi. It was during this time that Atticus took one of his best students, Lyon Phillip, and formed the Gray Jedi.

But Natalie did not give up. She left to study alchemy…but while she was gone, something unexpected happened. Sabintha was a young woman of 18 now and went off on her own to explore the galaxy, much as her father did before her. Atticus was 70 yrs of age, though his features did not show his age. He had married the ex-sith Sage and they had formed the Gray Jedi Order. But Sage left him for the Mandalorians. A depressed Atticus felt alone in the world. It was at this time that he found out, through Koji Starr, that Lady Raven was his biological mother…and her blood was poisoned by Smooka the Hutt. Atticus agreed to a blood transfusion to save his mother and during the procedure, something malfunctioned. She would die if Atticus did not give ALL his blood to her. Atticus made the choice…he would die to save her. And so, Aatos' plan was foiled…or so was thought.


"Xoza Shadow, never before has there been someone as strong with the darkside as me. I will destroy you and your little friends."
- Morpheus, Dark Lord of Telos (upon his journey to the Valley of the Jedi)

Natalie Sin returned to Telos, and learned of Atticus' death. She used her knowledge of sith alchemy to do a ceremony at his tomb…it was their that she rose the pure darkside of Atticus and transfered it into an Atticus clone the Sith had created. Thus was born the Dark Lord Morpheus. But being pure darkness, he was not the Morpheus from years earlier. Gone was the reasoning and planning. All this monster wanted was power…no matter who he had to kill to get there. He adopted a Sith woman named Nemu as his daughter…an attempt to show him as a caring being. Natalie watched as her creation spun out of control. He tricked a Teras Kasi Master by the name of Xoza Shadow to take him to the Valley of the Jedi. It was there that Morpheus was able to gain much power, and create a Clone Army of himself. He also stole plans of the old Star Forge, secretly making that above Telos. With the Forge completed, Morpheus used his army to take Telos…throwing it into civil war…a war where thousands died. Natalie felt that the path that led to Morpheus was wrong and against the Force itself. She abandoned the Sith and became a being of true balance…not Jedi or Sith. She left to learn more about these ways…and to try and repent for her sins.

So the dream of Aatros came to pass…but Morpheus' arrogance and lust for power got the better of him. The Jedi rose the spirit of Atticus' lightside and placed it into a captured Clone. Xoza Shadow and the reborn Atticus faced of Morpheus, injuring him and chasing him off into solitude. It was then that Sage betrayed Morpheus and turned him over to the Government of Telos (something that Morpheus actually wanted). In a trial that was deemed unfair, Morpheus was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death…but he was killed in the streets by an angry mob. His body was then burned by an insane Rodian for six minutes straight. Atticus watched this himself and grew depressed at the state of "justice." He then learned that the dark spirit of Morpheus had been seen in the undercity of Telos and sought it out…Atticus allowed Morpheus to join him.

But both were suprised…for the joining of the two extremes seemed to create someone new. He was neither Atticus nor Morpheus…but a sum of the two parts. This led to madness at first as he watched his homeword become destroyed by the fallen Star Forge that he himself created. All the sins that he did as Morpheus and Atticus spun through his mind. His daughter Nemu seized on this and encouraged him to go back to the Sith (Nemu then gave him the facial tattoos that he wears to this day). He tried to return to the old ways of Morpheus…using manipulation to gain power. The Sith fought the empire for the trust of the Selkath of Manaan.

"There is no lightside or darkside…only the force. I seek balance."
- Atticus Jetaime, Imperial Knight


It was here that the person that would bring the most change to Atticus would be encountered. Talmerith Jael, Empress of the Empire, took an immediate dislike to Morpheus/Atticus. And their rivalry would have continued had it not been for an attack made on Talmerith by Atticus' granddaughter Acantha. Morpheus/Atticus came upon Talmerith's mortally wounded body. Without thinking, he healed her with the Force and saved her life. An affair began between the two. Nemu figured the affair out and through a test, informed her father that Talmerith was pregnant. Nemu hoped this news would bring her father back to the darkside but instead it became the final rebirth of Atticus. For the first time in his life, he thought of someone other than himself. He looked at the galaxy as not light or dark…but something in between. That power was not and friends…love…that was true power. In an instant he saw the Sith and Jedi as extremes that have perverted the Force. That they could actually work together if they wanted to.

He knew at that moment he could not be Sith or Jedi. He took the name given by his adoptive mother…Atticus. The memories of Atticus and Morpheus were a part of him, but he was a new man. He took the news of the pregnancy to Talmerith…who was not happy at all. At that same time, Harlan was brought back by Nemu herself…a last ditch effort to win back her father. Talmerith went back to Harlan, but the loss of his true love did not do what Nemu had hoped. Atticus remained determined to follow his new path. Dark Lady Chaos of the Sith ordered that Atticus be considered a traitor (Chaos becoming a true nemesis to Atticus). It was at this time that he met another important woman in his life, Whisper Chastity. The young warrior showed a love and respect for him that he was not used to. Atticus changed even more from this relationship…learning patience and respect for all around him. Talmerith saw the changes in Atticus and trusted him fully. She made him Master Knight of the Imperial Knights. It is here, on Coruscant, that he hopes that he can make a difference.

Recently, he got married to Talmerith Jael at their private home where they raise their son. And since the war on Onderon, Atticus has grown skeptical of the idea of an Empire…leaning more toward the Republic. He has formed a new group of force users…the Ashla…hoping to bring all users of the force into a community of balance and understanding. Luckily, due to a fortune he gained as Morpheus on Telos, he is able to focus full time on his path. His current student is Reena Kaje, sister of Evu Kaje (formerly Darth Melanchol). Atticus sees in Reena the innocence and heart that all people should have within in them. He also sees the sisters to have some major significance to his life and the future of force users.


While on Onderon, he ran into his first wife, Darth Seryl. She threatened his daughter Jade, so they had an epic saber battle that lasted for hours. In the end, Seryl tricked Atticus into thinking that the evil Selkath Jhosa was down below the balcony of the Onderon Palace that they were fighting on. When Atticus looked down, Seryl threw dust into his eyes, then ran him through his gut. Atticus was in great pain, and the crowd of Jedi that had formed around them could do nothing, since Seryl was using Atticus as a human shield. Seryl continued to taunt Atticus, until he got a burst of strength…he grabbed her hands and climbed up the saber until they were eye to eye. For the first time in the battle, Seryl was full of fear. She could only watch as Atticus head butted her over the balcony. She was then able to escape…but shaken. Atticus walked down the center of Iziz and looked up to the sky, then fell. His daughter Jade took him to the medical center, where Jilea was able to fix Atticus' life threatening wounds.


On the year that Atticus turned ninety-nine, a bounty hunter, hired by Dolor and Chaos alike, named Gen Morane injected Atticus with Sith Poison. This unfortunately destroyed the balance within Atticus, making him grow insane. Atticus' old student, Lyon, brought forth Morpheus who helped to find a way to ground Atticus again. Morpheus fell for a Sith named Malicia, and realized that sacrificing that love for Atticus, a true good deed, is what was needed. Atticus returned, pure of light. And for his good deeds, Atticus released Morpheus into a clone to be his own man again. Now they are again separate….the lightside in Atticus and the darkside in Morpheus. But is it really a case of good and evil? Or is there something more…. Atticus accepted to take the position of General for the Ankarres Guard on Talus. Now, with is daughter Jade and son Aidan, the Guard protects the Old Jedi Order that Talmerith is a knight in, run by Master Azlum Grimlock. Since the split of Morpheus, Atticus as lost some of the anger that got him into trouble in the past. He focuses more on family now, and works harder than ever to forge peace in the galaxy.

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