Bane Black

~The Man~

Name : Bane Black
Age: assumed early 20's [True Age unknown]
Race: Human-droid Cyborg
Affiliation: Dantooine Jedi Order [Exiled], Order of the Jedi Covenant
Professon: Jedi Knight - Council Chair/Weapons Master

-The Past-
Bane Black was born on a star ship on its way to Dantooine, carring supplys for the Jedi order there. The ship wrecked and all of its passangers died save bane, whos wounds were so grevious he would have died, if it were not for a near by Jedi Master, Master Zafina. She carried what was left of Bane's body out of the infernio that was the ship and carried him to the Enclave. There, the doctors and Jedi could only devise one solution to saving the young mans life: Medicaly grafting what was left to a droid that would carry him for the rest of his life. This made him an outcast by most standards, as many of the other Jedi there saw in him the fate another Jedi had followed long ago.

Though marked an outsider and considered too weak in the Force to ever finish the trails, Master Zafina trained him, taking him as her Padawan along with another, Caith'Ness'Naruodo, A chiss nobel born. Both he and Caith showed an extream afinity for all forms of martial combat, though Banes skills in the Force were allways lacking. With the reduced count of Mitoclorians in his blood stream, he could barly manage the weakest of Force abbilities, and it was a cause for constiant rivalry between him and his friend.

Eventually, a time came when Caith thought he was being held back by Zafina. He saw the Jedi's treatment of Bane as special, since he, a nobel born, was treated the same. He left Dantooine, and was written off as a failed Padawan. Banes training, now solo under Zafina, continued and he advanced rapidly, undertaking many missions with his Jedi Master untill they were recalled to Dantooine, finding a Chiss blockaide in place. His old friend had returned, at the head of an armada, no longer the young, slightly aloof boy they remembered, but a fully trained Darth of the Sith. Darth Kadius had convinced the Chiss that Dantooine possed a threat to them, and they gave him a fleet to take care of the matter. The planet was allready under seige, and all contact with the Jedi there lost, so Zafina ordered Bane to land on th command ship, assuming she could take care of the Sith herself. They battled their way threw the ship, and confronted Darth Kadius on the bridge of the ship. Zafina ordered Bane to stand aside, fearing that battling his old friend would lead Bane down the same path. She underestimated Kadius, however, and was wounded, seemingly mortaly in the Fighting. Seeing his old friend, now a traitor and the one thing all Jedi strived to eradicate standing over her body was more than Bane could take, and he attacked, using his anger to over come the Chiss. In the end, they both stood at the front of the Bridge, and Bane threw him from it, threw the front window. He was assumed dead, and Zafina and Bane returned to Dantooine.

It was there they did not recive them as Heros, but as those to be feared. They had felt Banes battle threw the Force, and felt he should be outcast, lest he become what Kadius was. Zafina argueed the matter but it was decided, Zafina following Bane into exile.

-The Present-
Bane and Zafina eventually found their way to the small planet Onderon, and it was there she finished Banes training, departing him with a single letter of thanks and a saber belonging to Kadius. He was contemplating Exile as well when he found the Jedi of the Ac'trayth, and decided to try and aid them. Threw some trial and tribulation, he eventuallyy became close friends with Jilea and Eva Leigonary, and took his own Padawan, Shiri.

This was not ment to last, it seemed, as th Jedi of the Ac'Trayth took a differing direction fro m the group, and the left Onderon, traveling to the heart of the galaxy, Coruscant. There, the researched and founded the Jedi of the Covenant again, seeking to reform the group and do what good they could, particularly aimed at removing the Sith and dark Jedi from the galaxy. Itwas there the Empire became an ally and an enemy, as officaly the Empire wanted allys agsint them, and unofficaly, they wanted to be the only ones. Facing sever critisim from the Imperial forces, they eventualy began seeing the Empire as a force of darkness in the galaxy, rather than the good they claimed. jilea Leigonary found a path that the force told him was right, however, leading the order to Onderon once again, to aid the royal family there agsint the Empire. Bane completed Shiris training days before the departure, leaving the Knight and now Council chair to undertake missions for the Jedi solo again.

~The Machine~
Droid model Yuuzhan Vong Hunter Two combat droid, or YVH-2, is a series of battle droids created by the Tendrando Arms company, were the penical in battle droids at the time of Banes ship wreck. The droid is capable of free and independent actions outside of Banes own will, but is programmed to be a 'slave unit', accepting Banes personal thoughts over its own. It also has an advanced computer capable of informtaion cross-referancing and advanced virtual link up with the organic part of Banes mind. This, coupled with the droids limps capable of lifting twice Banes own weight and able to withstand damage better than Bane could on his own, make Bane a feirce Jedi. The draw back is the obvious cosmetic apearance as well as Banes limited feel of the Force/

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