The Onderon Beast Riders

The Beast Riders of Onderon were a group of dissidents cast away from Iziz by its rulers who had been corrupted by their former king, the Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. The rulers had hoped the dissidents, branded "criminals," would be devoured by the vicious beasts in the Onderon wilderness that had migrated over an oxygen bridge from the moon of Dxun. However, over time, the outcasts succeeded in taming the beasts, using them as winged war mounts for their campaigns against Iziz. The most common mount amongst Beast Riders was the drexl.

The Beast Riders fought in defense of Onderon during the Great Sith War against the allied forces of Exar Kun and the Mandalorians. They successfully drove the Mandalorians to Dxun, where the Mandalore was killed by native wildlife. The Beast Riders also fought during the Mandalorian Wars, in which Onderon was one the first planets to fall to the Mandalorian warriors.

Many Beast Riders perished in the liberation of Onderon, and most survivors ended up in Iziz seeking employment as mercenaries. Many, however, became mere street thugs and criminals.

However the Beast Rider line would continue as not all decided to join the city, there where several family’s that returned to the jungles of Onderon including the family names Kira and Fhang, although the Beast Riders entire culture was to change as population diminished. Over the next two thousand years the Beast Riders became a nomadic culture keeping there numbers low and driving them selves deeper into the jungles of Onderon further distancing them selves from the main population of Onderon. There relationship with the beasts of Onderon didn’t change though in fact it grew stronger with many of the Beast Riders exhibiting ability’s to communicate directly with creatures such as the Drexl and Skreev it was what seemed to be an almost telepathic connection.

Now 220 ABY the Beast Rider culture continues under the beast lord triumvirate of Elessar Kira, Camarin Fhang and Hiamovi, but war seems to be on the horizon, with a recent influx of people venturing to there home planet of Onderon and an old adversary in the Mandalorians returning to the jungle moon of Dxun the Beast Rider where getting nervous and started them selves on the transformation from nomadic outcasts to proud warrior nation.

Beast Lord
Beast Mystic
Beast Master
Beast Hunter
Beast Empath
Beast Warrior Commando

OOC Info
Initiation into this group is selective. Looking for serious role players. Must be either good with weapons, flying/driving and/or both.

Leader(s): Camarin Fhang, Elessar Raymaker and Fausten Guter

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