Captain Tesserian - Merchant Trader

Captain Tesserian is an experienced freighter Captain plying the galactic trade routes across the known galaxy. Captain Tesserian's "Trade Fleet" currently maintains 27 ships trading in basic food stuffs, fabrics, livables, fuel and building supplies from the unknown regions to Kessel space.

Captain Tesserian was born on Ekazi at the edge of the unknown regions near New Kashi space.
Indentured into the spice fleet by his mother at an early age, Tesserian is accustomed
to a nomadic existence, including long periods in transit on the galactic hyperspace runs.

After becoming an officer on the Nomad, a Z-35 type Questor-class freighter, then navigator second-class Tesserian saved the Nomad over Tatooine after coming under fire by trigger happy Imperial tie-fighters. Unfortunately, the Captain of the Nomad was killed in the attack, and the Nomad rendered inoperative.

After living a hand-to-mouth existence in Mos Eisley, Tesserian joined the very Imperial Fleet that had killed his own Captain aboard the Nomad.

Tesserian rose quickly through the ranks, becoming an Avenger-class tie-fighter pilot and participating in many battles under the command of Moff Ravyn Rayn.

His nerves shattered by constant fighting in the southern regions, Tesserian began to partake of various spices, at first to develop forbidden visionary and telepathic powers, and then out of pure addiction. The situation was made worse when Tesserian was pulled off of combat status after an increasing number of "incidents" and assigned as an undercover Imperial Agent investigating the very spice fleet he had been a part of several years before.

Little is known of Tesserian's supposed undercover activities- "Captain" Tesserian reemerged several years later when he is recorded making a multi-lateral agreement with rogue imperials, the xenophobic KamRain, and the Black Sun Syndicate- an agreement giving the spice fleet exclusive shipping rights to glitterstim red spice being mined in the asteroid field formed by the remains of Kessel's Garrison moon after it was destroyed by the Death Star prototype during field testing.

By this time Captain Tesserian was in command of nearly a dozen vessels in the spice fleet and seems to have secured a great deal of backing from unknown sources.

Seeking a veneer of legitimacy, Captain Tesserian became a Trade Representative in the Imperial Senate on Coruscant, but was ejected due to his involvement with a shadowy movement dedicated to restoring the Galactic Republic.

After his ejection from the Senate, Captain Tesserian joined forces with the Court of Velmor, loaning out ships of the spice fleet to rescue refugees from Vjun during the Vjun War, as well as transporting strategic supplies to Velmor, and later to House Onderon when the Queen of Velmor, Hyacinth Janick, ended the dynastic dispute on Onderon by selflessly taking the throne for herself.

It is rumoured that Captain Tesserian received several highly lucrative trade deals for services rendered.

After the fall of Onderon, Captain Tesserian disappeared once again, along with many members of the Royal Court of Onderon. A "Royal Court of Onderon in Exile" surfaced briefly, only to collapse into factional strife over issues of accomodation and resistance to the Empire.

Rumours continued to build that Captain Tesserian had begun to parlay revenue from the spice trade into hiring commerce raiders to attack merchant ships and cargo freighters bound for the galactic core, while simultaneously financing numerous independent freighters and small shipping groups to carry much needed fuel and food supplies to planets all along the outer rim.

Captain Tesserian also became the target of several criminal investigations sparked by InterGalactic Banking Clan allegations that the Banking Guild financial computer network had been sliced by operatives from the Black Sun Syndicate. Many mercantile groups expressed concern that the allegations were part of a campaign by the Empire to discredit former members of the Court of Onderon who had not bowed down to the Empire, as well as extend Imperial control over the Banking Clan's financial apparatus.


All of this changed with Captain Tesserian's third expedition to the Unknown Regions.
During an expedition into the deep desert of the Ancient Spice Empire, Captain Tesserian and his crew became lost in the desert wastelands of a planet known as "the dancer."

Third Trade Expedition

While achieving certain successes through commerce raiding, Captain Tesserian was forced to watch his personal fortune begin to erode away following Imperial investigations, loss of part of his nascent hyperspace drive fuel business to his unscrupulous business partner, the Toydarian "Reecko," continued reverses of the rebellion on Onderon, and a rumored loss of standing in the Black Sun as his core interests were cut into by Klugga the Hutt and the Black Sun pirates.

In a desperate gamble to reverse his losses, Captain Tesserian gathered elements of the Spice Fleet at the fuel depot on Ord Mantell. With significant backing from members of the Coruscant Sector H-88 Banking Clan, Captain Tesserian set off into the Unknown Regions.

The fleet departed in three squadrons of four Aurochs class freighters each. Arriving first, Captain Tesserian personally led several spice harvesting forays into the desert of a planet known only as "the dancer," deep in the Unknown Region. After achieving limited success with heavy loss of equipment, Captain Tesserian sent the four lead ships back to the known galaxy, with small loads of spice and various local trade goods. Captain Tesserian and several companions stayed behind to await the next four ships carrying additional supplies, equipment and personnel.

During the lay-over, Captain Tesserian and his companions explored the ruins of several ancient desert cities, as well as solidifying trade contacts with local merchants and smuggler groups.

With the arrival of the additional ships, Captain Tesserian led two further forays into the deep desert. On both these expeditions, Captain Tesserian incurred further losses of equipment due to violent weather and raids by xenophobic desert tribes. Several crew members lost their lives or disappeared into the unforgiving desert.

Running out of time and equipment, Captain Tesserian led yet another foray into the deep desert, following a chart to a promising sand basin near several sheer rock cliffs. It was on this foray that Captain Tesserian himself and several of his close companions disappeared.

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The Lost City of Nak'Mal Muh'a-Ruk-Debaran Mua'Afania

Nearly a week past before the main expedition received any word from Captain Tesserian's survey team. Sandstorms and strange atmospheric disturbances prevented full communications, but it became clear that Tesserian's team had stumbled upon a city long lost to the desert, filled with strange artifacts and ancient symbols. Crude but servicable translators determined that the city had been known as "Nak'Mal Muh'a-Ruk-Debaran Mua'Afania," meaning, "Those that Dance in the Moonlight."

Nakmal Mu-Aruk seems to have flourished as a cult center in the Ancient Spice Empire as far back as 4000 BBY. The city itself had reverted to desert by 2800 BBY as civilization in the entire region succumbed to a wave of spice addiction and collapsed. Excavation and analysis of many artifacts led some members to conclude that Nakmal Mu-Aruk and other cult centers had been part of a primitive force using cult. As the region began to develop the hyperspace drive and holonet transceiver, the local cultures succumbed one by one to addiction driven cults, and fanatical bands of proto-force users. A total demographic collapse soon followed; the region today is sparsely populated.

A number of archeological treasures were recovered by the expedition, including artifacts carved from latinum gold and featuring inlays of rare emerald force-crystals. These crystals seemed to be the source of at least some of the communications difficulties.

Following their rescue, the nav beacons left in the city failed one by one. Forced by massive sandstorms to spend another week sheltering in tiny and ill equipped smuggling outposts, the location of the ancient city was lost to the expedition.

Recovery on Zonama Sekot

Captain Tesserian and his crew arrived on Zonama Sekot exhausted and low on supplies. Despite crashing his shuttle into a sacred Bora tree, Captain Tesserian was treated hospitably, and given food and drink. He brokered a deal giving the spice fleet landing and resupply rights, as well as permission for crews to conduct shore leave, on both inbound and outbound flights to and from the Unknown Region.

Captain Tesserian then entered a period of seclusion, meditation and reflection in a small, rustic village on Zonama. Many of his close associates noticed that Tesserian had fallen back into his old habit of spice use, this time with a new and dangerously potent spice known as Rakian-D. It is here that Tesserian's descent into madness and delusion appears to have begun.

Rakian-D is notorious for producing hallucinations and deep-seated delusions, and Tesserian's case was no exception. Here he came to believe that he was in actuality meditating in an ancient force-user's temple in the the lost city, ca 4000 BBY, and merely hallucinating that he was meditating on Zonama Sekot, far in the future. Believing that he was indeeed in 4000 BBY and experiencing a powerful vision of the future, and imbibing heavily from Potentium teachings, Tesserian began to expound on a militant variation of Potentium philosophy, enjoining people to the belief that, "There is no Force but the Force."

After a period of rest, Tesserian embarked on yet another voyage to the mysterious world that was the source of Rakian-D, in an attempt to locate the lost city. While he was ultimately unsuccessful, Captain Tesserian made further contacts with the primitive desert tribes of the planet, as well as several indigenous force-using cults.

Return to the Known Galaxy

Tesserian then led the spice fleet on an extended expedition through the known galaxy.
With a cargo of hundreds of bushels of Rakian-D, as well as strange and exotic artifacts, the spice fleet fanned out, using several criminal syndicates such as the Exchange and the Black Sun to distribute the dangerous spice. Encountering resistence to the idea of spice induced force capabilities, Tesserian formulated a second teaching: "Any Path that Leads to the Force, Leads to the Force."

Madness and hallucinatory delusion followed in the wake of the spreading Rakian-D addiction. Eventually a core group of followers rallied to Tesserian's banner and false Jedi teachings, calling themselves the Spice Jedi.

Awakening and Conversion

Inevitably, Captain Tesserian himself fell prey to the very addictions he sought to lead people into. He found himself on the lowest levels of Nar Shaddaa, wracked by addiction and hallucinations. He could be seen at times wandering the streets in filthy rags, claiming to be the late Klugga the Hutt, or railing against his rival in the fuels trade, the Toydarian Reeko.

Not only did he suffer from addiction to Rakian-D; the Captain may very well have been bitten by a glitterstim spider on the Kessel asteroid mining platform.

Slowly his mind cleared. He had lost most of his wealth, and most of his once great spice fleet was scattered, or had been taken over by criminals, pirates and commerce raiders.

Captain Tesserian gathered what few ships he had left, and began to form a legitimate trading concern, dedicated to bringing food, water and inexpensive goods to the conflict-torn universe. He resolved as well to try and help those who had fallen to spice addiction as he had, to lead others out of the hell he had fallen into, to the light, and freedom from addiction.

Return to Onderon

After building a small but respectable trade in the southern regions of the galaxy, Captain Tesserian returned to Onderon shortly after the departure of the Sith. Here he directed neutral relief efforts, bringing food, building materials and cheap fabric for clothing to the suffering population of the war-torn city of Iziz. Renewing his contact and contracts with the Ord Mantell fuel depot and the Perlemian Trade Route, Captain Tesserian began regular shipments of hyperspace drive fuel to Onderon in a bid to return Iziz to her former stature as a major trade entrepot.

With the remergence of the Fel Dynasty, and the ensuing dynastic struggle, as acting trade minister Captain Tesserian made several
canny deals with Empereror Christopher Fel, including a continuance of the Perlemian Trade Route agreements. Receiving considerable backing from the Intergalactic Banking Guild, especially the investment endeavor, "Project Iziz," Captain Tesserian's trade fleet began expanding its operations, adding more ships, and more ports of call across the known galaxy.

Return of Fortunes

The destruction of Iziz was a heavy blow to Captain Tesserian. Fleeing the doomed port city at the height of the attack, Captain Tesserian's fleet ferried several shiploads of refugees to numerous neutral ports across the Perlemian. The rapid shift of trade in favor of the Velmor Industrial Group, however, left Captain Tesserian with many lucrative trade deals financed by the Sector H-88 Branch of the Intergalactic Banking Clan ("IBC"). After shifting his main trade office to neutral Taris, Captain Tesserian left the Perlemian Trade in the hands of several key trade partners- Meralin Sabra of Sabra Shipping, Etay Starsider of Starsider Shipping, and Reecko the Toydarian of Reeckos Gas and Fuels. Captain Tesserian then left for the galactic south.

The terrible destruction wrought on Onderon left the Captainn obsessed with finding the Sith ship Ravens Harvest. With the remaining population of Onderon left homeless and destitute, Captain Tesserian was also determined to find functioning agricolonies that would help supply food to Onderon, the overpopulated core worlds, as well as fulfill shipping agreements to bring food supplies to the Talz homeworld of Alzoc III. The need for vital medicines led Captain Tesserian to Ryloth, where in defiance of the Peoples Galactic Senate (PGA)'s heavy regulatory hand, he began to ship ryll out of Ryloth to the galactic north. This forced Captain Tesserian to renew contacts with various smuggler groups, as well as local Hutt clans.

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