Clan Mereel

Clan Mereel

Often referred to as the "Noble Mereel", the men and women of this clan are historically leaders. The clan is known for it's formal and rather stoic perspective on existence. Called Warrior Poets or Philosophers, these confident warriors may be less brutal and violent as the other clans, this pseudo-passive behavior can be completely thrown aside if insults are brought into the fray.

The Mereel clan's reputation as raising leaders is only tarnished by the fact that no one from mereel has been Mandalore. Many of Mereel's historians have stated that the first mandalore was Mereel, but this is unsubstantiated.

In a modern sense, the Noble Mereel are lead by Adenn Kandosii, the clan is small but as Mandalore is taking a passive stance, the Mereel have elected to form a council with the Ordo and Skirata being the high councilers.

((OOC Information))

If you are interested in joining Mereel, you will need to speak to Gunau Sodwind. All recruitment is done IC and is VERY selective. The in character aspect is basically a test to see if your character's personality is appropriate for Mereel.

Traditionally in order to be brought into a clan you must marry your way in, but due to the current state of the community this will not be possible, there for you will need to become Adenn's ((Gunau)) student.

Leader - Adenn Mereel (Gunau Sodwind)

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