Clan Skirata

"Te Vode be Skirata ven shuk te hut'uunse aruetiise, teh prudii mhi nynir sa te tracinya be kyr'am."
- Common Skirata phrase

Skirata are an ancient clan, even amongst the Mandalorians, for they hail back to the time of Mandalore the First. With families, ties and traditions going back thousands of years. The most famous of these families is that of the legend, Kal Skirata and the clones he adopted as his own sons during the clone wars.

Skirata prides itself on finding the most efficient solution to any problem, believing that the ends always justify the means. Skirata are more inclined to mercenary work than most other Mandalorians, their almost ingdentured lust for experience of battle making them fairly easy-going when it comes to taking sides in the wars of Arutiise [Non-Mandalorians].

Though this trait makes for unsteady relations with the noble Mereel clan and the proud Ordo, Skirata is considered the third 'Great' clan of Mandalore, and thus has the respect of it's fellows.

[OOC Information]

If you are interested in joining Skirata, you will need to speak to Cyrano Zenith. All recruitment is done IC and is VERY selective. The in character aspect is basically a test to see if your character's personality is appropriate for Skirata.

Traditionally in order to be brought into a clan you must marry your way in, however due to the constraints of this and to not discourage potential members that are opposed to this, new members may be 'adopted' into the clan if they are able to prove themselves worthy.

Leader - Cy Skirata [Cyrano Zenith]

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