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Star Wars Weekly - April 15, 2009



Galatic News:

An unusual female from the outer rim has recently come with a transporter, with this new, and unusual sort of game. She has been seeking permission from various planets to host it

The game is called Hyperball, a fast pace game where teams of six attempt to get the ball and enough points before scoring a goal…The point of the game is to get as many points as possible before the timer ends. Of coarse, like most games injuries can occure but the time has been taken to create armor which will protect the body from other players that attempt to get the ball.

This remains to be seen at how popular this new game will be with in the core planets..

Although the game hostess is unable to speak in common, we have been able to translate it for this broadcast:

Statement from Game Hostess Coriyen:

We will be seeking any planet willing to host our game, currently we will be arranging time to speak to the Queen of Onderon in hopes to host our first game there..if things go as planed we should be ready with in the next month of two. We are using state of the art technology to ensure safety to all players involved, and ANYONE is able to participate. So far Coruscant has given us the ok for possible future hosting of this game by man they call Chancellor.

Although the translation was a bit difficult for us to obtain, Game Hostess Coriyen was quite pleased with our chat…I personally can't wait to see this game take place..

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