Cy Skirata

Name: Cyrano/Cy Skirata

Race: Balosar (Natural immunity to toxins/poisons, antenna allow extra-sensory perception)
Age: 18 (23 standard equivilent)
Height: 5'4
Weight: 132lbs
Relatives(Immediate): Akun Skirata (Weequay, Adopted Father), Mayi Skirata (Balosar, Natural Mother)
Relationship status: Single
Affiliation: Mandalorians, Skirata Clan Leader (Skirat'alor)
Political Standpoint: Whoever has the most credits
Traits: Cool-headed, intelligent, able to solve a problem with words as well as actions.
Addictions: Deathsticks
Favorite drink: Skakoan Shooter
Favorite Food: Crispy Fried Dewback strips
Favorite Weapon: Customised double-bladed glaive, electrical and vibro upgrades installed, phrik alloy used for construction.

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