Darth Chaos

(almost 2 years worth of active swrp on sl)
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Darth Chaos - Vjuns shadow

Current Status : Active
Name : Nymphetamine
Alias : Darth Chaos (Returned to darkness)
Planet of Origin : Isen IV , outer rim.
Race : Unknown
Age : Unknown
Midichlorian Count : 18,330
Additional Info : Blinded in one eye, Optical Enhancement sometimes used, Darth of the Assembly of Darkness, Follows the path of Chaos and shadows as devious as a snake. well versed in dark alchemy. former masters include Darth Mephistus, Darth Maganimous & Darth Axeonos.
The Weak Deserve thier Fate. Master in chaos and alchemy.

"A rare few have a natural affinity for the dark side itself. They can delve into the depths of the Force and summon arcane energies to twist and warp the world around them. They can invoke anchient rituals of the Sith; they can invoke power and unleash terrible spells and dark magics."
―Darth Bane to Zannah

-a sudden crackle of energy surges, chaos' information is skewed and unable to be read, static crackles over the screen-

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