Darth Dolor

Name: Darth Dolor
Occupation: Sith
Organization: Assembly of Darkness.
Rank: High Dark Lady.
Master: None.
Previous Master: High Dark Lady Melanchol
Preferred saber form: Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad.
Preferred force attacks: Lighting, scream, and mental based attacks.
Rare abilities Dolor has been seen using: Force Immersion, Midi-chlorian Manipulation.
Original name: experiment 348B – Tabatha Fegte
Race: unknown. ((An escaped biological experiment.))
Sex: Female
Age: Approximately 205
Place of birth: Korriban


Darth Dolor was created as a biological experiment chiefly for Midi-chlorian research. Very little is known about Dolor’s past even to her as she only remembers the past 55 years of her life, leaving a 150 gap in which remains a mystery.

The Earliest memory was of her former Master, Jedi Master Tadlian Seduka, who found her on Korriban, during a personal quest of self discovery. During this time she had assumed the name of Tabatha Fegte, though the origin of the name was lost in her passed, she was brought to Coruscant, to determine if she could be trained as a Jedi.

While on Coruscant, testing was done on her genetic makeup, to determine her medical condition and her midi-chlorian count. Much to the dismay of many, her genetic make up was not like any that had been seen before. According to Quantum dating her body was over 200 years old, yet she showed no sign of aging. One of the oddities was that 20% of her blood contained Mercury. Her Midi-chlorian count flucated, and would take on extremes. At times it would be as low as 1000, and on one occasion, it measured up to 30,000.

Master Seduka, took Tabatha on as his apprentice, and for several years trained her in the ways of the Jedi. She seemed to be a natural force user, and was sent on many important missions as one of the star pupils of her order.

Dolor's First love and a Master's betrayl

Finally, Tabatha met a young sith named Marcus, and fell in love. Marcus was a non force sensitive, and was nothing more than a medical technician within sith ranks. Soon Seduka found out about this and instructed Tabatha not to see him anymore. Tabatha did not like her Masters interference and continued to meet Marcus in secret.

Little did Tabatha know that one of the reasons for her Master forbidding her to see Marcus was the fact that he himself had started developing feelings of love for Tabatha.

Finally, one fateful day, Master Seduka caught Tabatha and Marcus together, and out of a fit of rage and jealousy, killed Marcus. Tabatha was deeply hurt, and brought the matter before the Jedi Council who refused to punish Seduka for his actions as they felt he was redeemed and brought “back to the light.”

The death of a Master and the fall of its aftermaths

Tabatha, feeling that justice was denied for the death of her lover, decided to take the matter into her own hands. Later on that week, she snuck into the quarters of her former Master and killed him in cold blood. At this time the rage and pain was strong in her, and she took it a step further. She reached out with the force using an ability that she herself did not know she had. Force lighting. She fried his body with the power of the force until only ashes remained.

At the time it felt right to Tabatha, she had her revenge, and justice had been served. Yet the power that had she used surprised her. It felt good, it felt right. She finally realized that all of the years of training had made her weak and limited her true potential; however, this was the least of her concerns. She knew that it would not be long before the council had figured out her actions. Out of fear, she fled Coruscant, and went into hiding for a great deal of years. Over the years she faced the hardships of every day life, went through the pain and suffering of just barely surviving, finally making her way back to Coruscant.

Tabatha did not dare approach The Jedi Council for fear of how they would respond to her, and spent most of her days in the lower depths of the vast city, gambling to earn money to buy the essentials to live.

Little did she know that gambling would cost her a great deal. One day in a lower city cantina she was accused of cheating, which of course she was, she was confronted by those that she was playing with, a deep hidden anger swelled within her, as she stood up from the table, and struck down the 4 others at the table with a massively powerful lighting attack, only to find that there was a Jedi in the cantina.

Fearing the possibility of being brought before the Jedi Council Tabatha attempted to flee, making it all the way to the landing pad where her old rust bucket of a ship was docked. Only to be cut off from the perusing Jedi.

Feeling she had little choice in the matter, she drew her light saber and began to fight. During the battle, the Jedi managed to cut off her right arm. Tabatha fell to the ground in pain, the rage and anger building up in her still more. The Jedi approached to check on her, only to be struck down with a sudden burst of Force lighting.

Self Exile in the darkness

Tabatha brought herself back up, and finally fled Coruscant once again, making her way back to Korriban. The first place she remembered. Over the next 30 years, she would remain there hidden, and elusive, searching the desolate world, for answers to her past, and her connection to the force, finding many clues, but very few answers.

However, she did discover something amongst the ruins. Something dark, something sinister. The spirits of the dead, would speak with her, and she would find hidden libraries that were long lost deep down within the depths, but that was not enough. She had to learn more. She had to acquire power. She craved knowledge, and a way to unleash her true power, and maybe even discover her past. Tabatha knew that in order to learn her past she would need the aid of others. Having no love for the Jedi, she made a final choice to follow the path of the darkness.

The Creation of Dolor

She felt something tugging at her, telling her that she must go to Yavin. This at the time puzzled her as she knew it to be a world inhabited by Jedi. Regardless she made her way there, where she met up with a sith, by the name of Darth Axia of Sith Legends, who took her on as an apprentice.

The next few years Tabatha was trained in the ways of the sith, and took the name of Acolyte Dolor. Her ability with the Dark Side far exceeded expectations, as she rised to the rank of Sith Lord in a short matter of time.

Then one day Darth Axia seemed to vanish, and Dolor was left without a Master. But Dolor could not tolerate this, and attempted to learn within Legends alone for a time, when something unexpected happened.

A New Master, Enter Dark Lady Melanchol

She was approached by The Dark Lady of Sith Legends, Darth Melanchol. She seemed to take an interest in Dolor. Over time The Dark Lady, started pushing Dolor, sending her on a number of assignments, almost as if she was trying to kill her from exhaustion; however, Dolor endured the rigorous treatment, and was finally made Melanchol’s apprentice.

Several months after becoming Melanchol’s apprentice, Dolor fell ill; however, it was not due to her, extreme work load, it was a genetic defect. As it turned out, Dolor needed to consume a viridian crystal about once every 50 years, or her body would decay and she would eventually die.

Between going on assignments Dolor searched for one of these very rare crystals, but to no avail. It was some months later after the decay began that Melanchol approached Dolor, with a sealed box, and asked her if she wanted the contact. Dolor being extremely loyal to Melanchol, informed her that she would never steal from her.

Melanchol opens the box and reveals, a Viridian Crystal, and simply asked if she was willing to die for it. Over the time that Dolor had been Melanchol’s apprentice; she had developed a very powerful bond with her, and even then refused, holding her stance of not stealing.

The Battle with Dark Lady Melanchol and Dolor.

Dolor achieves Darth Status

Regardless, of Dolor’s feelings Melanchol had a purpose and informed Dolor that if she could best her in combat, that she may have the crystal. Dolor had never fought Melanchol, but knew of the Dark lady’s power within the force, but saw no other way to save her own life.

The Battle began, both Melanchol and Dolor fighting, the battle field quacking as the both unleash the power of the Dark side, sabers clashing. The battle was going against Dolor, but she still pressed forward, fighting with all of her might. For the first time in over 40 years Dolor knew what fear was again, as Melanchol’s saber whirled around and cut off Dolor’s left leg. Dolor clasped to the ground, and out of an act of desperation, channeled the most powerful charge of lighting she had ever released, sending it into Melanchol. Melanchol flew back several feet and appeared to be offline.

Breathing heavily Dolor crawled over to check on Melanchol, only to get attacked once again, this time Melanchol cutting off her other leg, the rage in Dolor finally reaching its peak, knowing that she had no chance of defeating her Mistress, as she focused what power and strength she had left in a final blow, the mechanical voice of Melanchol drones, “You are finished……Darth Dolor.”

It had turned out to be a test, to see if Dolor was worthy of Darth status. After this battle and promotion, Melanchol gave the crystal to Darth Dolor as a reward for passing the test. Unfortunately, only Dolor’s right leg could be reattached, the left was replaced with a prosthetic.


Some months passed, and Melanchol kept Dolor on her continues assignments, but unlike most of Melanchol’s former apprentices, Dolor persisted, and was finally raised to the rank of Shadowhand.

Darth Dolor today

To this day, Dolor is still Melanchol’s Shadowhand, loyal to her, and serves within Sith Legends. She continues onward still seeking knowledge and power, and hints of her past, and knowing that Melanchol is the best source for such information.

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