Darth Validus - Sith Grand Master, Previous Galactic Emperor

((OOC NOTE: None of this is made-up or "background fluff", it's a dramatic summary of everything that's happened in-game in this characters life, all linked together in a progressing storyline. Yes, this all really happened in-game, in line with the then current community standards, it's an important part of SL SWRP history))


Real Name: Unknown.
Alias: Darth Validus / Dark Lord Validus.
Age: Unknown, assumed to be very advanced via rate of bodily decay.
Planet of Origin: Unknown, assumed to be Korriban via style of dress.
Rank/Title: Grand Master of the Sith.
Master: Unknown, possibly self-taught.
Apprentice: Several previous. None current.
Powers & Abilities:
* Master of Force Manipulation in both physical and mental assets.
* Master of Force Lightning and Force Storm.
* Master of a unique one-handed elongated lightsaber.
* Channeling pain to fuel self-healing, a technique once demonstrated by Darth Sion that was thought lost.

A Mysterious Figure Arrives

Dantooine, a planet now torn asunder and lost to the galactic community; this is where the figure known as Darth Validus first emerged. As if drawn to the planet by the rising conflict occuring on its surface between the various Sith factions and the Jedi who already inhabited it, this mysterious cloaked and armoured figure was seen numerous times simply watching the proceedings taking place. After speaking to the then current leader of the strongest Sith Faction - The Dark Lords of the Sith - Darth Validus was immediately inducted into the cult under the rank of Darth, skipping all previous ranks; something unheard of until that moment. The leaders of the cult seemed not to mind this in the slightest, indeed they appeared to not realise they'd done it at all when questioned about it, but were loathe to reverse the decision and appear weak to their underlings.

The Invasion and Destruction of Dantooine

It was only a matter of time before the melting pot of Dantooine started to boil over into full-scale war. As was their way, the Sith decided to strike first. Greatly weakened by the fall of Korriban several years earlier, they did not have the resources of a fleet or an army to call upon, so, amassing a small fleet of landing craft they slid their way into Dantooine's primary city, made their way into the underground tunnels that housed the orders of the Jedi and initiated their plan of planetary conquest. Fortunately for the more bloodthirsty of the Sith, the Jedi had sensed this intrusion and were waiting for them with all the Knights and Masters they could muster. Unfortunately for the Jedi, the Sith were whipped up into a frenzy and sliced through their defensive line after the bloodiest combat the galaxy has seen since the time of the Empire; much of it hand-to-hand. Darth Validus was part of this attack force, although curiously unharmed after the smoke cleared and the fighting ceased, his armour stained with the blood of the Jedi he'd slain. As the Sith landing craft bombed the senatorial offices and the Sith below ground ransacked or killed anything they found, the Dantooine Senators were forced to immediately and unconditionally surrender the planet.

Unfortunately, this victory for the Sith bore bitter fruit. As is the way with the Sith, infighting and an intense power struggle began. No more than a few short years later, Dantooine lay a ruined planet, currently unsuitable for supporting life. The Sith fled the ruined planet, spreading out and disintegrating into yet smaller and smaller groups and cults. As far as the rest of the galaxy was concerned, the Sith were no more than a rabble and no threat to anyone anymore. That is, all the Sith but Darth Validus and a small group of other influential Sith leaders who immediately set course for the Deep Core. Did Darth Validus intentionally engineer the invasion and subsequent fall of Dantooine to gain influence over the other leaders of the Sith, those that he brought with him when it fell? Only he himself would be able to confirm or deny that.

Years past..

Empire Rising


Unknown to the rest of the galaxy, which was in chaos at the time and had enough to worry about, Darth Validus had brought his loyalists to the ruined world of Byss. Destroyed by the Galaxy Gun misfiring long ago, the planet was now nothing but a vast field of debris and rocks the size of small moons. Validus, however, knew certain things that he should not have; about how Byss contained an ancient citadel much, much, older than the one Palpatine had constructed on top of it, that this citadel would have survived the cataclysm that destroyed Byss. Most importantly, he knew where it could be found. Landing on one of the larger, lava-strewn, moons created from the planetary debris, Validus proved his knowledge as a large, spire-like, tower loomed out of the thick volcanic haze. Opening the doors to this structure with but a mere touch, Validus led his followers within, where dark secrets would be imparted to them over the following weeks.

When his followers, his new cult, emerged from the tower they were changed. Subtly altered, yet remarkably different. Their skill with the Force was increased, doubled in some cases, utilising these newfound abilities to pull smashed, broken, crippled Star Destroyers down from Byss' orbit; part of the vast fleet that anchored here during the time of the Clone Emperor crisis. Over the course of years these craft were repaired, outfitted, manned and operational. One, two, five, ten, a fleet working with Force-enhanced skeleton crews, more than a match for the fleets of a leaderless and chaotic galaxy.

Their first assignment was to take the world of Kuat, which the fleet did with military precision. Suprise is a powerful weapon when your foes are not expecting a well-armed and trained fleet of (albeit aging) Star Destroyers to land in their lap. With this first world taken, its shipyards were put to work creating the war machine that would see Darth Validus' dream become a reality.

A stunned galaxy reacted with shock and horror when the spacelanes were flooded with but a single message after this resounding victory; the self-coronation of Darth Validus as Galactic Emperor. Byss was flooded with returning Sith, rallying to the banner of something - someone - to believe in and give them direction again, all swearing allegiance to Emperor Validus. The Sith Empire was born.

Imperial Might


Troops were mustered, fleets were built, a coordinated war machine pistoning at the heart of the new Sith Empire, compared to the scrambling efforts of the rest of the then chaotic galaxy. There was no competition, nothing to stop the Sith steamrollering over vast portions of the galaxy; which is exactly what they did.

With Emperor Validus personally commanding the conquest of the known galaxy, Coruscant fell, followed by many of the inner and outer core worlds, with only the outer ring worlds still held in rebel or Jedi hands at the end of this "crusade". The Sith Empire was simply the only military war machine of this time period, there was nothing to stop it, nothing to slow its expansion or the flamboyant display of its imperial might.

The golden age of the Sith Empire had begun.

The SSD Ravager


At the very height of the Empire's power, Emperor Validus ordered that a command ship should be immediately constructed to serve as his flagship. This new ship would be based on a Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer subframe, with Emperor Validus personally overseeing the modification and completion of the project.

Rumours spread that the Emperor did not want to use this ship in combat, that some of the modifications had the engineers extremely concerned, that this ship was part of a secret black-ops project that only the Emperor himself had planned.

Although this was all conjecture on the part of the engineers working on the project, it would turn out to be entirely true. Unfortunately for its loyal citizens, Validus considered his grand Empire nothing more than a means to an end; a way to aquire enough resources to construct the Ravager. Once the Ravager was complete, the Emperor boarded the titanic craft and immediately departed towards the Unknown Regions, leaving his Empire headless and without direction.

Fall of an Empire

Without the strong Force-bonded leadership of its Emperor, the Sith Empire turned in on itself. Within the space of a few short years it had completely self-annihilated, leaving open space ripe for conquest to other factions. Of its previous Emperor, nothing was heard from for years more.

The Return of Validus (Current RP)


When the Ravager jumped back into known space the remnants of the old Sith Empire on the now crumbling planetoid of Byss were at first shocked, then overjoyed, but their joy would be short lived. The Ravager immediately fired its axial-mounted superlaser, turning the moon-sized rock into a moon-sized lump of lava and annihilating the last traces of the old Sith Empire. Other Empires would rise in its place, some even taking its name, but none would be as effective or as ruthlessly efficient.

But why did Validus leave his Empire to die? What was he looking for in the Unknown Regions? What was worth sacrificing an Empire that spanned half the galaxy to look for? Why did he need the Ravager to get it?

These questions do have answers, but the galaxy may not like what they hear when those answers are spoken.

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