Dcs2 101

To log in, go to the DCS2 Site, put your Second Life name and DCS site password. Use the pulldown menu for the sims and select Galactic Unity Beta.

If you have forgotten your password, type /9resetpass in world and you will receive a new password.

To reset/delete your character, select edit chars and then click delete/reset.

Make sure you choose your subclass within edit character for some extra powers.

There is also a credit system for DCS2.

/9bal shows you how much you have

To pay someone credits type /9give ammount name (ex. /9give 100 xoza)

There are occationaly "ATM" machines around the Galactic Unity Sims that will give each person starting credits

For those of you who are "group leader" that would icly have more credits, please contact Xoza Tyron
If you have items you would like to sell for DCS credits, once again contact Xoza Tyron for a Credit Vendor, and relay setup. These things would best be, freebiee star wars items, stuff you just found, good for RP, or anything you made for RP uses.

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