JhoSa Selkath

JhoSa Selkath was born on Manaan, in the Year of the Great Urchin's Yellow Period. He was a regular Selkath, who pursued the ways of the Adjudicator.


Due to the kindness of Master Atlantis, JhoSa was introduced to the 12 Charkarra Stones, which were hidden in the deepest part of Manaan.


After JhoSa acquired the final Stone, he was able to absorb their power and become a Shifter … After a few months of absolute debauchery where JhoSa bedded half the Flesh Bags of Manaan, he felt he needed more experiences, getting bored with the usual …

He sought Lucas out, to teach him the force, but found the Jedi ways to be … boring.

He contacted Melanchol, a powerful Sith , and through the cleansing of the force, through the Dark Side, JhoSa was ready to Cause Havoc

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