Do's and Dont's
  • You must wear DCS (combat system), visible to all. This is a RP SIM…don’t always rely on the combat system. Role Play your situations whenever possible. If you do not want to meter combat, please turn your DCS off for Free Form Combat. Do not mix FFC with Meter Combat.
  • You must have a STAR WARS APPROVED AV. There are plenty of races that you can choose from…just look it up on Wookiepedia. This is Star Wars..dress the part.
  • These are IC Sims. If you must talk OOC, talk with brackets or the OOC tag. But please try to have OOC conversations in IMs.
  • No mixing OOC with IC.
  • No bad mouthing, complaining, negative vibes…interrupting rp with your OOC drama will get you banned for a couple days.
  • NO GRIEFING…that is permaban territory.
  • No Godmodding - Being indestructible, using information IC gathered OOC, etc.
  • Do not use Linden tags to retrieve another character's name. If you don't know the character, you have to ask for their name.
  • If you are defeated in battle, you are "wounded." No one can force a perma kill on you unless you so desire. Same goes for any maiming to your body. Both parties must agree. When you are wounded, you can role play, but you CANNOT COMBAT.
  • If there is a problem with an RP, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Ask for a GM or Administrator. Show Respect to Gms, security and Administrators.
  • A GM or Admin member that is engaged in sim duties cannot also be in the RP that is currently in progress.
  • And for the love of god, have fun! You are roleplaying in a community of like minded computer geeks (yes that is what we are :P). So don't take things so seriously. An rp goes bad? Don't sweat it…problems can always be worked out like adults. HAVE A GOOD TIME!
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