Ducár Kurs'ade

Name: Ducár Kurs'ade
Gender: Male
Age: 13 Standard
Species: Epicanthix
Homeworld: Myrkr
Residence: Dxun
Alignment: Mandalorian

Creative Introduction

Instead of providing a sequence of events for my character, I have decided to post a small narrative about his acclamation to Dxun. I figure that since he has only been alive for thirteen years, how much linear story can I really write about him? I hope you enjoy this section, it is from a slightly longer story I wrote about him called Verd: Rite of Passage.

Glimmering in the ageless cavity of cold space, the glint of defiant stars spewed streams of silver down upon the wild green of Dxun in an entropic symphony of light. It was a world wrought with life, wild and untamed. Arduous and fierce, a large boma prone upon the fresh ground, eyes focused in astute observation of its surroundings; an image buried within the eyes of a young Mandalorian hidden in the brush, silently stalking a species dangerous even to his ancestors.

A sudden dilation, slow and sinister, swept those menacing eyes instantly. Contact was made, the rite had begun. The beast was set into motion, met with the quick draw of the Mandalorian, who unleashed his blaster in a fiery rage, but to no avail were these scolding bolts of plasma. They produced mere burns against the thick-skinned ridges of the fleshy colossus that pounded forward like an unstoppable force.

His eyes widened, hidden by the black of his visor, as the boma trampled forward, snapping the underbrush beneath its massive claws. The blast of his burners echoed throughout the forest, but a moment too soon. The beast had stuck hard at him, missing its fatal blow, but thrusting its bone-hard head deep into the worn armor. Hurling through the air violently, the boy came crashing to the ground some distance from the hostile creature. There was darkness, but only for a moment.

Stunned, he pulled himself from the ground slowly. Unlike so many other fights in his past, he knew this one was real. As vivid to him as childhood fantasy, he envisioned himself skewered by the monumental teeth; chewed and torn, no more than food for a mindless titan. It was a fate he would not accept. His eyes opened, focus regained, as he pulled away his helmet and turned back to the awaiting beast. There was now the smell of blood.

Discarding his blaster, he slid his hand across the pooled blood at his nostrils, smearing the red of his wound over his mouth. All the fragmented thoughts ceased, now there was only action. In an unanticipated defiance, he set his body forward, charging at the beast with untamed strides. His heart was the tempo of his war song, pumping hard on the toxicity of survival.

With a blazing flare from behind, he propelled himself over the beast, attempting to deliver a blow from the rear, but the monster whirled around with tumultuous form, knocking the boy to the ground with its massive tail. Without hesitation it opened its mammoth jaws and gobbled forward with its snapping teeth, wet and repulsive. For that fateful moment, he opened wide and lunged. Yet, in an instinctive retort, the boy took aim with his grappling hook, a last resort, and fired it deep into the creature's mouth.


The forest was quiet that night, arguable more than it had been in the past, or so the young Mandalorian would say; the creatures of the wild stayed away. Perhaps there was something spiritual about the liminal nature of this escapade, or maybe it was simply the burning flesh of a fallen predator that scared away the other creatures. One could speculate until the end of time, but for every experience there is a unique feeling that cannot be explained. Many beasts had been killed on Dxun, but this one lived on from within its conqueror.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Having grown up alone in the wildness of Myrkr since the age of nine, Ducár has developed superior skills in hunting and tracking. These are abilities that his survival has depended upon. Added to these skills, he is also an exceptional marksman in long-range combat. Agile and elusive, his potential in the field of reconnaissance is endless. In contrast to this, being that he is only thirteen, he lacks physical strength, and the weight of his father's armor slows his movement significantly. While the nearly indestructible beskar'gam may absorb the brunt of many attacks, Ducár is still quite vulnerable to shock and impulse. He is certainly not an infantryman, despite his evasive nature.

Relation to the Force

Despite his natural awareness, Ducár has no developed skills in the Force and generally equates such practices with witches, due to his experiences on Dathomir. He treats all Force users the same, be it Jedi or Sith. While he does not demonstrate open aggression against either, he is extremely cautious when dealing with them in person. He believes the Force is mysterious and ultimately supernatural. Thus, his view of it is more spiritual than scientific. However, he does not consider himself a spiritual person.

Behavior and Mentality

Ducár is both strong-willed and stubborn in his views. He is not weak-minded and not easily tricked, consequent of his growth conditions. Generally speaking, he is often more animal than sentient, at times, since he has had limited socialization and minimal cultural interaction. In short, he speaks in the language of instinct, not rationale. In certain instances, this can become an acute weakness on his behalf, especially when miscalculating his odds. Because he lacks formal education, he can be outsmarted in almost any social context. However, when it comes to survival, he should never be underestimated.


Public Interactions

Ducár finds himself somewhat distant from the other Mandalorians due partly to his age and also his inexperience in combat. However, he was recently brought to the attention of the Mand'alor on Dxun by Whisper, one of the few individuals he has grown to trust. He is eager to be involved but equally content in living beyond with reach of society. His fate is as unpredictable as his nature.

With respect to his back-story, this aspect of my character I like to reserve for RP only. If I told you everything about his past there would not be much reason to develop it in character. Thanks for reading!

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