Elkie Kord - Smuggler

Name: Elkie Kord
Alias: Elkie, Elks, Kordie
Race: Zabrak (Iridonian)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Class: Rogue
Title: Freelance Smuggler/Merchant
Rank: Freelancer
Specialty: Smuggling/Piloting
Profession: Smuggler/Pilot
Languages: Zabraki, Binary(Understands), Basic
Homeworld: Iridonia
Affiliation: Exchange
Marital Status: Single
Markings: Tattooed Eyebrows and Lips, Small Forehead Horns/ 9 total
Hair: Side Shaved/ Black w/ White Tips
Eyes: Milky White, No Visible Pupils
Skin: Ashey Black
Voice/Accent: Soft spoken. Slang/Spacer accent (Think US Redneck + Canadian + SW Slang)

Skills: Piloting (Corvettes, Frigates, Fighters, Transports, Freighters, Swoops, Speeders), Evasive Piloting, Combat Piloting, Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles, Computer Use (Minor Slicing), Drug/Spice Knowledge, Haggling, Gambling, Iridonian Martial Arts, Bar Brawling, Melee Weaponry (Minor Whip, Minor Fusioncutter), Theft, Recon, Intel Gathering, Seduction, Charm, Mechanics (Minor Droid, Major Ship/Vehicle), Large/Small Engine Repair

(E)= Equipped

Fittings and Upgrades: Grappleplate Gauntlet (E), Modified Remote Datapad (E), Hush-98 Comlink (E), Basic Durasteel Blade (E), FastTurn-3 Hydrospanner (E), Fusioncutter (E), 3-MAL Personal Comlink (E), A99 Aquata Breather (E), Rodian Cryogen Whip (E), Modified Slicer (E)


Seems rather calm and collected, though fidgets and seems to have a short attention span a bit due to her past spice habits. Rather sexual and possessing a strong libido, utilizing her charms and body to tease and persuade.

Gets huffy when called or referred to as a Zabrak, and will promptly correct them.


Elkie was born on the harsh planet of Iridonia to a smuggler father, and spice addicted mother. She was raised and taught their philosophies, and taught her their moral views on the galaxy.

She learned rapidly, excelling in the finer art of theft at a young age, and gathering a reputation for being a bully. When she became of age, she took up her fathers past time, piloting, and became one of the best pilots in her sector.

Soon after, she took up her father's trade, and began drug and gun running for the local crime lords, going up in the ranks, gathering a notorious reputation, and gathering herself a nice little fortune.

but that soon changed when she was tempted into breaking the golden rule of running. A twi'lek by the name of Rusoto Ven catered to her more lustful side, telling her that the spice she was transporting was also a strong aphrodisiac. Thinking one hit wouldn't hurt, she took the spice.

Three days later, she awoke on the floor of her ship to her employer standing above her, pissed beyond all belief. Rusoto and his cronies had lifted the cargo off her ship and sold it to some junkie gang off world. Within minutes of her rising, she was beat to hell, and left with nothing but her clothes and a faulty blaster.

With her ship confiscated as collateral, her credits emptied from her account, and her reputation in ruins, she hitched a ride on a transport off world and settled in a Zabrak colony.

There she lived through theft, odd jobs, less savory, self-depreicating work, and hooked on spice. After a year of falling into the dark world of spice and self hate, she was befriended by a local zabrak merchant. He helped ween her off the spice, helped her find legitimate jobs, and gather a small cache of credits and gear.

After a few months of getting back on her feet, she was set up with a trip to Coruscant, to begin anew, and rebuild herself.

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