Eva Lekach

Name: Eva Lekach Legionary.

Age: 19.

Race: Human.

Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa.

Order: Order of the Jedi Covenant

Role: Jedi Knight on the Jedi Council.

Former Master - Sion. (Sion2 Yoshikawa)

Padawan -

Secondary Skills: Slicing, Electronics/Repair.

Misc: Speaks several languagues ranging from Jawaese to Dosh.

Early Life.
Eva grew up in the slums of Nar Shaddaa. She did not know her father as her mother did not remain with the man during the pregnancy. Her mother was a waitress at a club run by the Rusted Vibroblades a gang on Nar Shaddaaa. She spent much of her childhood alone in a hole in the wall apartment which her mother managed to maintain on her meager salary. As her mother was almost always working there was little guidence or company
for a young Eva other then a beat up old R2 droid that her biological father had given Eva's mother as a gift before he left.

At the age of twelve Eva's mother passed away of illness as they had been unable to afford medical care which would have likely saved her life. Eva was alone and clueless, she had no source of income and soon found herself homeless on the streets with the clothes on her back and her busted up R2 unit.. She sold the R2 unit in order to pay the rent on a room no larger then acloset..Desperate to sustain a place to live and be able to afford to eat she became a petty thief stealing anything she could get her hands on then selling
it on the black market.

Locked up.
She was eventually caught and spent a few months in jail it was there she met an older Twi'lek woman Nalas Zire who took her under her wing, protected her, and taught her the in's and out's of slicing. Eva picked up on the trade quite easily, she seemed to have a natural affinity for it.. She also picked up a nasty habit of using death sticks while in the slammer..When she was released from the holding cells she decided she'd began to use hernew skills to steal credits from those she didn't feel needed or deserved them,
gangs, the exchange, the black sun, and other shady organizations..

Worse then prison.
Around the time she turned sixteen a rather angry Nar Shaddaa gang caught on to Eva's schemes and assaulted her in a dark alley. They severed both her hands from the forearms down in a series of tortures which lasted until the sun began to rise..she recalls very
few glimpses of the event.. They left her in a pool of her own blood for death's open arms.

Light in the darkness.
Person after person simply walked past her in her sorry state, those from Nar Shaddaa had learned long ago that they were often better off looking the other way.. Eva was fortunate in that an incognito Jedi Knight happened to pass by.. he took her back to the place he was staying and gave her enough medical attention to ensure she survived, though during this time period she lapsed in and out of a comatose state.. When she finally awoke she was at a transit terminal with a chip for 2000 credits in her pocket that had not been there before..enough to get off the smuggler's moon.. She never even recieved the name of the Jedi who had saved her from certain death but she felt an eternal gratitude towards him and a great respect for the Jedi..

From the ashes.
She set off for anywhere but there.. ending up with a pit stop on Tattoine where she took a few odd jobs here and there tracking down Droid's who had gone missing or malfunctioning.She tried to stay away from slicing as much as she could as she felt she had a second chance to turn her life around, though she did take the occasional job if it wasn't too shady.. She tried in vain to kick her addiction to death sticks but as she still was enduring much pain from the gang beating she had recieved she found herself unable to cope with the injuries without the aid of the narcotic..

The Force
When she finally did kick the habit she felt her senses increase rapidly, it was as if coming out of a long slumber.. She felt the force, and knew she had felt it as a child too although as a child she did not recognize that which it was.. Soon after she learned of
a Jedi Order, the Jal Shey of which she had met Knight's Sion and Wild.. The head of the Order Lucas Atlantis would accept Eva into the Jal Shey as a Padawan to Knight Sion.

Jedi of the Ac'trayth
The Jal Shey would merge into the Jedi of the Ac'trayth and Eva would join them as well, she was learning rapidly under the watchful care of her Chiss Jedi Master.. She would reman under his teachings for some time engaging in many missions, many of which she found hersef on the Sith hive wold of Korriban, at one point even being captured and subject to Sith torture..She also took part in the battle of Ondern assisting those who opposed the Empire by acting as a field medic. As her Master wished she avoided direct combat only igniting her lightsaber when Imperals attempted to stop her from administrating aid to her fellow Jedi, Mulder Watts. It was a relief to her when they decided to let her pass as she carried the wounded Master Watts away from the battle on her shoulders, not because she feared combat but becaus it showed to her that the Empire was not without mercy despite it's questionable path as of late. It was through experiences such as these as well as her Masters teachings that she would mature both as a person and as a Jedi. Her training was a bit unorthodox as her Master differed in view from the council on many matters, despite that she has so far displayed no symptons of being infected by the dark side.

Jedi Knight.
As part of her trials she was to venture to Malachor alone, it was there that she was expected to gain entry into the Sith Library. She found that her path was blocked by the spirit of a Sith Lord who demanded that she desecrate the corpse of the Lord's fomer Master in order to gain entry. Rather then complete her mission she burried the corpse of the Sith Lord's Master and left the grave unmarked in hopes that others would not desecrate it in the future.. Though she had believed she had failed the objective of her trial as she did not gain entry to the Library..the Ac'Trayth granted her Knighthood.

The way out is through.
It was not long after that despite being a young Knight herself she took on a Padawan, Jilea Legionary. She was hesitant to do so do to both her youth and the feeling's which Jilea had expressed to her as well as her own feelings..,yet with so few Knight's left she felt that it was somethng she must do if the Jedi are to be able to stand up to the looming threat posed by the Sith as well as the tyranny of the Empire.. She has also suffered great setbacks as of late: fellow Knight and friend Vilda to the Sith, as well as one of her closest friends Wild Cote…who left the Knight's in oder to find his own way but has lately seemed to be spending more and more time on Vjun and Korriban.. Despite these losses, and the shadows which spread through the galaxy she remains hopeful that the light will find it's way through and pierce the darkness.

Council Knight
Eva's efforts in the Ac'Trayth would soon elevater her to the status of a Jedi Knight on the Council, finding herself in a rather awkward position of having authority over some she considered her elders. She at times doubted her abilities as a Jedi after having given into her emotions and entering a relationship with Jilea Legionary who had by this time become a Knight himself.. Not long into the relationship Eva became pregnant, and the two would not wait long to marry in a private ceromony on Dantooine conducted by Master Kohime who the two would ask to serve as godfather to their yet to be born child. She had not wanted to become tied down to a relationship or a child as she felt that would interfere with her duties as a Jedi Knight yet could not ignore her feelings for her fellow Jedi.. Feelings that she knew could very well be their undoing.

The Struggle for Master Atlantis
Much of the Sith's efforts had been to corrupt Master Lucas Atlantis, a man Eva considered a dear friend. The Jedi would have many conflicts with Darth Dolor during this time.. At one point Lucas seemed to fall for Dolor romantically but this was soon ended when Jedi as well as Imperial's apparently killed Dolor on Onderon.. Since then Lucas has become distant from the Jedi spending his time with Atticus and other Imperials. His actions have caused Eva quite a bit of pain, with Master Watts stepping down from the Counil and Master's Hykova and Lightfoot dead the Ac'Trayth had begun to lack leadership. Master Lucas had sworn to Eva, promised her he would help her only to turn his back on her as well as the rest of the Ac'Trayth leaving them wondering where his loyalty stood, to the Empire? to the Sith? Despite the feeling of betrayal she would push on, though young as a Jedi she felt it would be up to her to ensure the future of the Ac'Trayth with the help of the remaining Knight's.

Onderon had been plagued for several weeks by a Darth known as Zerafon. He had left a corpse with a note on it outside the Ac'Trayth Temple, a note which detailed his twisted agenda.. Through the following weeks he would torment the Ac'Trayth, Sakura and Padawan Koona would be part of his games, one's which left Sakura mentally unstable standing on the line between darkness and the light and being tugged in both directions..All the stress regarding Lucas, Wild, the inner and external conflicts would cause Eva to have an emotional, mental, and physically breakdown. She collapsed in the ruins in the jungles of Onderon and laid in a comatose state for several days. As she started to come around Dark Jedi descended on the Temple, one's which worked for the Dark Ancient Master Zerafon.. In her condition she could put up no fight and surrendered herself to them..She was tortured by Zerafon and infected with a toxin that would slowly eat away at her internal organ's over the course of seven days.. What strength she had left was used to project a force barrier around the womb which carried an unborn child.. When she did return to Onderon healers from the New Order would fufill her request in removing the child from her and placing it in a incubation chamber where it would have to remain for the last few months of it's development, despite the risks to herself she would not let the toxin effect the child..Zerafon had told her the only way to get the antidote was to play a series of Zerafon's twisted games which seemed to directed at further corrupting Sakura.. The Jedi tried to trick Zerafon into thinking they were playing his games but he either did not buy it.. or did not live up to his end of the bargain.. Eva was barely holding onto her life, efforts by the New Order of the Jedi healers, Sir Sion's force crystals, and other friends efforts such as Boba Fass and Shiri did extend the time she had but could not purge the toxin completly.. only Zerafon had the answer and time was running out.

End game.
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Ac'Trayth Turmoil
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