Hiamovi of the Beast Riders

Name: Hiamovi (High Chief)
SL Name: Fausten Guter
Co-Leader of the The Onderon Beast Riders

Age: 39
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185

Eyes: Gray
Hair: Red

Hiamovi (High Chief) has lived in the forest outside of Iziz on Onderon all his life. A skilled hunter and warrior, he is known for his keen sense of smell, sight and quick reflexes. He is also an expert in flying (both vehicles and beasts). His expert skills allowed him to rise fast in the Beast Rider Clan. During his time of advancement, he met and married a fellow warrior known as Camarin (Protector) in the clan.

They now are the leaders of the Beast Riders along with their good friend Elessar Kira. Though their main goal is survival, they also wish to punish the Monarchy of Onderon (as well as their followers) for what they see as a betrayal of the Beast Riders. Hiamovi himself is a descendent of Beast Riders who served the monarchy in the Onderon Civil War. The fact that they are still outcasts burns in Hiamovi's mind.

Hiamovi wears a scar on his face, given to him by a former Royal of Onderon…a scar that he wishes to give to the current Queen of Onderon as a form of payback.

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