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Celina and Natlie have a great rp of pure talking. Very good!

[23:43] Celina Valencia hoists herself up into a chair at the bar and ((somehow)) gets a corellian ale.
[23:49] Natalie Sin sits quietly, in the nearly empty cantina, not even caring that the server droid seems to have completely blown a circuit, other wise she'd have a drink by now.
[23:50] Celina Valencia looks around the bar, seeing only one other customer she kindly offers a suggestion, "Care to join me at the bar? Doesn't look like there's gonna be too much company otherwise." Still doesn't recognize the woman, but smiles under her helm.
[23:51] Natalie Sin smiles politely at the woman, and shrugs, "Why not… but join me here at this table, at least we can face each other and have some proper introductions."
[23:52] Celina Valencia nods. "Of course." She hops down from the high chair and says from the bar, "Want me to bring something over?"
[23:52] Natalie Sin shrugs, "If that poorly wired excuse of a droid even notices you sure, I'll take something, mild. And I'll give ya some credits to reimburse."
[23:55] Celina Valencia gives a polite, "Bah" and waves away the reimbursement offer. She grabs a Vasarian Brandy and trots over to the table.
[23:55] Celina Valencia sets the drink down and does a small doubletake. "Wait, don't I know you?" She tilts her head.
[23:56] Natalie Sin accepts the drink from the now vaguely familiar female, "I was just thinking the same thing! I think we've met before… I'm Natalie."
[23:57] Celina Valencia snaps her fingers in recolection. "From Telos, right? I helped you install some security measures." She hits her helm in embarassment and lifts it up just over her face to be better recognized.
[23:57] Vasarian Brandy by Furia whispers: Ahh, Vasarian Brandy!
[23:57] Celina Valencia: Yea, Celina. I used to fly for the RSF. I do technician work all over the galaxy.
[23:58] Celina Valencia: ((lol, you have it, nice))
[23:58] Corellian Ale by Furia whispers: A hearty Corellian Ale!
[23:59] Natalie Sin smiles warmly, "Celina… its been a long time! How are you? I have come a long way since Telos. But I will never for get the great job you did for us at the si… uh… temple." She stumbles over the word sith, it being something of her past she is not particularly proud of.
[0:00] Natalie Sin: ((and yeah.. haha I think I have most of the "created" drinks some where or other hahaha))
[0:00] Celina Valencia nods. "It really has been a while, hasn't it? The years seem to pass quicker and quicker nowadays." She takes a swig of ale, "How're you keepin' yourself busy these days?"
[0:03] Natalie Sin laughs, "A lot of contemplation of the past present and future. I'm a bit of a thinker, and less of an action person now a days. But I have the rest of my life to act, I first need to make sure I know what is needed first." *she shrugs at the obsurdity of the statement* "Force related thing really. I am no longer of one side or the other… I am a new breed of force sensitive, and not the only one." *she stops, waiting to see if there is any interest in the conversation before she continues in more depth*
[0:04] Natalie Sin sips her brandy, not wanting it to go to her head too much
[0:07] Celina Valencia nods along listlessly, taking a swig of ale. "Interesting," she feigns, "So you're sort of more like a theologian than an activist now?" She hopes the question isn't disrespectful.
[0:10] Natalie Sin shrugs, "Not exactly. We spend our time trying to see how best to not use the force. Or if it must be used, how best to use it to keep the jedi and sith in balance, and away from the destruction of the universe. You see… I became aware of a greater truth, a truer purpose of the force. It is not good and evil, light and dark. Those are perversions of the force. Brought on by individuals concepts and sentient beings nature to be master over everything. We believe in keeping things neutral, not tipping the scales, and making sure that harmony can be attained by ALL… force sensitives or not." *she seems to get more excited as she talks about the subject*
[0:10] Celina Valencia picks at the patch on her arm, noting that she needs to stitch one of the wings down. She continues listening idly to the conversation. ((and reads the novel just posted))
[0:11] Natalie Sin: ((lmfao))
[0:12] Celina Valencia wooshes her hand over her head, "Woo… lost me there." She chuckles and shrugs. "I never was one to know much about religion…"
[0:18] Natalie Sin laughs with Celina, and at herself, "I admit, it can be a hard concept to grasp… but to simplify it a little… We believe in keeping things as they are if possible. The sith, all hell bent on domination and destruction tip the scales their way… the jedi, all dead set on being the savior in the forces name tip the scales their way. It is an never ending balancing act. And that is where we come in, because we think that both, jedi and sith alike, are incorrect, and wrong to think they each are in the right. Does that make more sense? It is more through inaction, and non use of the force that things will continue to be as perfect as possible."
[0:19] Celina Valencia flicks a pebble out of the creases in the sole of her boot. "So… you condemn the use of the force?"
[0:21] Celina Valencia doesn't think that's so bad of an idea. She's always felt that the Jedi and the Sith were too powerful for their own good, but she doubts the addition of a mediator group could do much to enforce a surrender from those parties.
[0:21] Natalie Sin: No. We condemn the use of the force for selfish gains. Using the force to persuade someone to your thinking, tips the balance. Using the force to choke somebody, tips the balance. But if these force sensitives would open themselves up to the force and live with it, instead of trying to dominate it, they would see that the force actually speaks to us, and tells us what is needed, in order to keep harmony. You don't believe or trust in the force, I can sense that. But even someone like you can't deny its existance. It is more to do the will of the force… and there IS a will… than doing your will WITH the force.
[0:22] Natalie Sin: with the will of the force*
[0:25] Celina Valencia gives a shrug. "So… what is it that your group does? Preach to Jedi and Sith?" She raises her eyebrows, "I can't imagine that'd be too effective. They've been doing this crap for eons." She pauses and goes over the words in her mind, "Er… no offense of course."
[0:26] Celina Valencia: Though, I guess I get your reasoning. The one with the most guns or… most force power whatever… shouldn't be the one making decisions for the rest of the galaxy.
[0:27] Celina Valencia wonders if all of Natalie's bar conversations are so lofty.
[0:28] Natalie Sin laughs
[0:28] Natalie Sin: ((crap? poodoo would be better haha))
[0:28] Celina Valencia: ((yea… i knew i should replace it with something but couldn't think of anything appropriate at the time, lol))
[0:29] Celina Valencia sets her empty ale bottle on the table and leans over to a more comfortable position.
[0:30] Celina Valencia: ((er… and then floats up into the air??????))
[0:31] Natalie Sin waves off the comment, "Never any offense, no we don't set out to preach or even fight them, though that does some times happen. We act how we need to, in order to keep the balance. We counter the jedi and or the sith who are tipping the balance. Decidedly the sith are the more extreme of the two, for in their mindset a sentients life means little to their way of thinking. But every life is part of the force. And the jedi, try too hard to preserve it and intervene, even when they really don't need to. So essentially we just try to keep the status quo."
[0:32] Natalie Sin smiles, "Does this make any sense at all?"
[0:32] Natalie Sin sets down her empty glass leaving it on the table
[0:32] Celina Valencia rubs the back of her neck. "So you consider yourselves the referees of the galaxy's power?"
[0:33] Natalie Sin chuckles, "As far as the force is concerned… I suppose you could say that. We don't need to be in the lime light, and visible to anybody, which is why we're rarely seen or heard of doign things." ((AFK))
[0:36] Natalie Sin: ((Back))
[0:36] Celina Valencia chuckles and says, "So, you fight both the Jedi and the Sith when you feel they are tipping this balance?"
[0:36] Celina Valencia: ((wb))
[0:37] Natalie Sin nods, "If that is what the force requires. Though we are still fighting the sith more often than not. The jedi are easier to counter, in that they aren't … usually… destructive in nature. The sith are more extreme in their use of the force, thus when they do use it, they tip the balance much greater than a jedi."
[0:38] Celina Valencia purses her lips, "Again, not to offend but… what makes you guys any more worthy to decide the fates of others than the Jedi or the Sith?"
[0:41] Natalie Sin smiles, "We do not consider ourselves worthy, which is exactly why we are who we are. We do not think we are fit to dictate the force. Only do as the force wills. And we are not deciding anybodies fate, not exactly. We merely strive to make sure that neither group tips the balance to the breaking point, and blink the entire universe out of existance. Is that not a noble cause? I for one would rather the universe stay in existance." *She would very much like to expand on the plot she knows to be unfolding, but decides it might be too sensitive in nature to reveal to anybody*
[0:44] Celina Valencia laughs, doubtful of Natalie's words but tries to say as politely as possible, "I don't think we gotta worry about the universe imploding cause of some Jedi and Sith." She smiles and shakes her head. "But hey, you guys do what ya gotta do. I ain't sad to hear you say you're fighting the sith." She offers a wink and leans back in her seat.
[0:49] Natalie Sin suddenly looks more serious and slightly shakes her head, "You are assuming of course that the jedi and the sith are the only ones we counter. Or try to counter. There are others out there… that are very capable of tipping the scales, without even using the force directly." She looks around the cantina, noting it is still empty, but decides that its still too risky to talk about*
[0:50] Celina Valencia raises a hand palm up in question, "What like the Imperials, or the Hutts or something?"
[0:50] Natalie Sin does not speak a word, simply nods a small nod once.
[0:54] Celina Valencia laughs. "Damn, you got some lofty goals there." She laughs aloud. "Sorry to say it sister but wars ain't fought by NOT doing stuff like this group of yours. Entire fleets have been devoted to stomping out factions like the Hutts and Imps and the wars still continue. You got a strange idea of how to change the galaxy." She laughs again and starts to hope that she wasn't too harsh.
[0:58] Natalie Sin shakes her head reaches to her belt and unhooks her lightsaber, newly constructed and still shiny, and holds it in her hand visibly, "I never said we do not do stuff. Merely that not doing stuff is the preferred method. We do what we must. And action often is the only recourse against tyrany and the oppressive. There are those in this universe that think it would be better off if the force didn't exist at all… but that is my point… the force is EVERYTHING. You unmake the force, if such a think is possible, you unmake everything. We, are not for sitting idly by and letting anybody even try to see if that is possible." *Hopes that she has not spoken too much*
[1:01] Celina Valencia shrugs at the force-talk gibberish. "What, you got a fleet? You got a death star or something? Cause honestly, that's the only way you can take on the kind of foes you're talking about."
[1:05] Natalie Sin shrugs, "We believe in a more personal level of attention. But I admit we are sorely lacking in firepower. We are outgunned, so to say. You are correct. But then again, the side of right, if such a thing can be determined, is usually the underdog. We do what we can with what we have."
[1:13] Celina Valencia chuckles, "Well, I been there before. Fightin' for the underdog may make ya feel righteous but… sometimes you only end up hurtin' the ones you're tryin' to save." She looks longinly over to the bar, wishing the serving droid would bring her another ale. "But hey, at least you're doin' what you think is right, I guess."
[1:15] Natalie Sin smiles, "Look, how about I give you my comm freq, and we get in touch in a day or two. I will take you to our base of operations, where perhaps I can tell you a bit more. I'll have yo meet with" *slight pause* "Well… the leader of our organization… and if your not 100% convinced after that, we can part ways. But I'd really love to make you a believer, we could use somebody as talented as you on our side."
[1:17] Celina Valencia laughs, "Well, I appreciate the offer but… I'm not force-user."
[1:18] Natalie Sin smiles, "Nor did I think you were or say you needed to be one. But, if you can understand my position, maybe you would be willing to negotiate a contract of sorts for some mechanic work for us."
[1:21] Celina Valencia lifts her head in comprehension. "Ah, now see there's a different matter. I got no problem fixin' up ships and gettin' paid for it." She winks and pulls out a datapad to recieve the communicator information.
[1:23] Natalie Sin smiles, and presses the button on her comlink to transmit its frequency, "I'm glad you are willing to at least see what we have to say and offer." *she gets up replacing her saber on her belt* "Thank you for the drink, the next one is on me. I'll be in touch, or you can contact me. Either way. But I should depart now."
[1:25] Celina Valencia nods. "Alright. Pleasure's mine. Look forward to doin' some shipwork." She reaches out a hand for a shake.
[1:26] Natalie Sin smiles nodding, "I look forward to offering you the shipwork then." And she shakes Celina's hand then turns and exits the cantina.

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