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This was a very funny (and good) role play on Manann between Darth Chaos and Atticus. It is a little racy :P.

The Rivalry of Chaos and Atticus


Atticus Jetaime comes up to the 2nd floor and stops in his tracks…
He shakes his head, "Chaos….can't get enough of me, eh?"

Collin Weder glances up at the arrival of Atticus and slowly reaches for his saber

Nymph Zenith lounges comfortably, her slender curved form seated as if she has never left the place..her head lifts and a smirk is on her crimson lips…she smirks "ohhh the ego to think i'm here for you"

Atticus Jetaime grins, "I think very highly of myself. And who is your..friend?"

Collin Weder takes a step over to the couch and finds a place next to Chaos, looking back at Atticus he smiles evily before answering. "The new ruler of this planet, and who are you??"

Atticus Jetaime laughs doubled over, "Oh…that would be a nice trick…The Selkath rule this planet, under the protection of the Empire."

Nymph Zenith lifts her hand for Meph to stand down she doesn't see Atticus as a threat .., she inspects her nails a bit, modified to sharp and deadly points .."oh him, no one that you need to be concerned of" smirks a dreadful glint in her eyes " But you can call HIm Darth Mephistopholes, know this name well it will bring fear to this land " she winks and smirks as Meph knows no modesty

Collin Weder grins. "Mrs jael's empire i assume?"

Atticus Jetaime nods, "You know…If you Sith focused less on ruling and power, you might actually accomplish something."

Collin Weder, "And if you Jedi stopped wasting your time trying to convert us sith you might actually have a longer life span than 20 minutes."

Nymph Zenith smirks "oh your just upset from spending time in a holding cell"

Atticus Jetaime laughs again, "I am no Jedi, you fool. And I do not wish to convert you. Both the Jedi and Sith are needed…if they could learn to work together that is."

Collin Weder grunts* 'claims he's not a Jedi but advocates co-operation, sounds like a Jedi to me."

Atticus smiles, "The Jedi would like to wipe Sith from the galaxy…to become Jedi…that is not cooperation.
I find both extremes to be…tiresome."

Collin Weder laughs heartily* "All I can hear from your words little man is that you are weak. You could never assertain to the power upon which we selected few have grabbed. leave my presence whelp before i destroy you for a bit of afternoon fun."

Nymph Zenith leans back comfortably lifting her head to view meph then atti.."well there is no evil…there for what I do and about to do shouldn't bother you " she winks and tilts her head "the chaos and war will never stop you cannot force the fighting to end no more then you can force a sith to stop questing for power or a jedi to stop believing in peace…tis your views that will never work"

Atticus says, "It is my views that is the will of the force…and you can leave at anytime."

Nymph Zenith chuckles a bit and takes out a datapad tappin in something.

Collin Weder scoffs and begins to rise* "You dare challenge my rule in this place of Darkness, our own embassy? You are indeed a foolish man, you will face your judgement shortly."

Atticus chuckles, "Oh I see…so this is your place now eh?"

Nymph Zenith looks up from her datapad to watch the two men a moment as meph rises she grins deviously.
Collin Weder takes a step towards Atticus his hand falling confidently from his saber to his side as he smirks at the man* "Now you got me standing, what else will you have me do hmm?"

Atticus Jetaime grins, "I'd like you to jump off the balcony….but I don't always get my wishes."

Nymph Zenith watches with a glint of malice in her eyes she rather likes to watch Meph assert himself.., she snickers abit
Collin Weder sighs as he shakes his head, his hand reaches for his saber once more.

Atticus Jetaime looks at him, "Are you pissed at me, my friend?"
He looks at his saber and lifts up his sleeve, showing his.
"Haven't done this is a while….took a non aggresion stance…didn't work out.
Atticus Jetaime closes his eyes and gives himself a burst of strength.

Collin Weder smiles as he see's the saber* "Sure you know how to use one of them? would hate to see you cut yourself."

Nymph Zenith lifts he head to view them both , smirking at the display.

Atticus Jetaime smiles and clicks his on, "I'd be happy to test this on you….
Well…shall we?"

Daria Blackadder arives, "I'm sorry for being late."

Nymph Zenith pats the place near her for Daria to sit "have a seat my dear"

Atticus raises his saber, "Show me what you have learned, little Sith."

Daria Blackadder nods
Collin Weder takes a step forward* "after you."

DCS2 2.30: Reflection/Damage Shield Is now off
DCS2 2.30: Collin Weder Has been Defeated
DCS2 2.30: Collin Wederwas Killed By Atticus Jetaime

Nymph Zenith rolls her eyes
Atticus Jetaime turns his saber off and puts his foot on Meph's chest. Atticus Jetaime turns to Nymph, "Oh…I think I broke your toy…"

Collin Weder coughs and looks up at Atticus with a evil smile* "Finish me you whelp."

Atticus Jetaime looks down and pats his head, "All in good time…"

Nymph Zenith lifts her hand and moves her fingers..someone with a mark on his forehead will get a massive headache she grins "no worries he can be fixed , but you on the other hand will not be able to stop all of us'

Atticus Jetaime looks around at the gathering Sith…"Perhaps not…What do you want, Nymphetimine?"

Nymph Zenith smirks "I usually get what I want , and if you wish to be on your knees crawling towards me I can live with that " she smirks…

Atticus Jetaime smiles, "Oh…you have needs that you would like me to take care of for you? Not that hungry right now…"

Collin Weder coughs a few more times, the embarrassment of his defeat unphasing him, he attempts to stand and falls to his knees. "You have *cough* some skill Atticus but no balls. you should have killed me. Now i will destroy you and your home here."

Atticus Jetaime doesn't turn around, "I had no intention to kill you…just make you hurt a little. And I do have balls, as Chaos here is well aware of."

Daria Blackadder, "You shouldnt insult lady chaos…this is no way to speak to her."

Collin Weder scoffs* "Having testicles and having balls are two different things."

Atticus Jetaime looks over to Daria, "I talk to people as I wish…and she is no lady."

Nymph Zenith leaves meph to heal himself ..he will do so for she will not show weakness she rises with a yawn "as if you would be man enough " she smirks and looks at him "you interfere you will fall lovely." She nods to daria and looks back at Atticus.

Ealena Iwish says, "Excuse me Lady and Lords. I've been sent to complete some task in the name of Vjun." Ealena Iwish bows in respect to who is present.

Nymph Zenith nods to Elena "have a seat and let me take care of this"

Atticus says, "So…you wish this humble office to be yours?"

Collin Weder spits "I only spit on what is mine Atticus. This office is mine and soon so will this planet."

Nymph Zenith looks back to Atticus and nods "mmhmm "

Daria Blackadder steps aside and watches carefully and with great interest.

Atticus Jetaime looks around, "So many beautiful women…put to such a waste. To be honest..I don't use the embassy much anymore… It won't get you the power you desire though."

Nymph Zenith grins deviously "how funny so many think to know what I desire yet all fall short "looks down

Atticus Jetaime laughs out loud, "It was cold…"
Atticus Jetaime sticks out his tongue.

Nymph Zenith smirks and looks up holding his gaze and winks at him "Mmhmm sure…now do I get what i want?" she places a hand on her slender hip

Collin Weder saunders over to a couch and sluches down quickly, trying to get a feel for his new offices.

Atticus Jetaime grins, "Maybe…"
Atticus Jetaime walks up very close to her, "And what do you offer?"

Collin Weder places his hand in his pocket hoping to find a small blunt object in which he could throw at Atticus.

Nymph Zenith puts both hands on her hips now and clicks her teetch "tsk" ready to draw any weapon and he should know better then to walk up to her and have her within arms reach last time he barely left with his parts in tacked she smirks 'well your brave, I'll give you that much…I offer hmmm "ponders "name something and i'lll see if anything pleases me at all"

Atticus Jetaime puts his hand under his chin, "Hmmm….nothing comes to mind. I obviously can't beat all of your clan. But I could at least make it difficult for you."

Daria Blackadder smiles wickedly behind her mask.

Collin Weder looks over to El and smirks*
Collin Weder looking basck to Atticus he takes a mocking tone* "Your gonna get smo-oked, your gonna get smo-oked"

Atticus Jetaime smiles, "Better to leave here beaten down than just let you have it…that wouldn't be very sporting of me now would it?"

Nymph Zenith lets her hand twitch a bit as if she might grab at him…she doesn't she's just messing with him…if she wanted to harm him she would have but she enjoys tormeting him.."how about I let you live…with your body parts in tact "gazes down "even the smaller parts" her gaze lifts again "also you will stop the lies , I do have informants all over and for your information we didn't torture that child our gaurd did…and thus he was dismissed, I don't kid when I say.. if it's mine you don't touch it.

Collin Weder eyes gloss over in extacy at the thought of torture, even perpetrated on a young child.

Atticus says, "Well….I was mistaken then. You are a wonderful being who showers your guests whith hugs and kisses."
Atticus Jetaime winks.

Nymph Zenith grins "of course I am"

Atticus Jetaime lowers his head, "I am quite sure this place is now yours…but I am not going to just walk out of here quietly." He takes his finger and drags it down one of her hips.

Nymph Zenith lifts her hand to pluck a small bit of lint from atti's shoulder "Now i've business to attend too…if you want me to manhandle you , you will have to take a number, i'm a busy lady.." she snatches his hand as it drags over her hip and attempts to twist and push him away.."but i'm sure the girls here would like to spank you into submission" nods to them.

Atticus Jetaime smiles, "If it….pleases them…then that is fine."

Collin Weder looks over to Ealana* "And I want his head for my office decoration."

Ealena Iwish turns to Collin" humm.. His head? …. this could be easy…."

Nymph Zenith nods to the girls "do as you wish, then report we have much to discuss " she moves off.

Atticus grins, "I am here for ya…me and my….piece…"

Daria Blackadder smiles ''very well..than it shall be''

Atticus Jetaime kisses at them, "Two women at once…what a fantasy…"

Daria Blackadder says, "today all your dreams come true." 
Daria Blackadder smiles wickedly

Atticus Jetaime turns on his saber, "Come and get me.."

DCS2 2.30: Atticus Jetaime looks Weak

Collin Weder calls out cheerfully* "And don't fprget his head!"

DCS2 2.30: Ealena Iwish Has been Defeated
DCS2 2.30: Ealena Iwishwas Killed By Atticus Jetaime

Collin Weder grimaces as Ealana falls, remembering his own embarrasing defeat.*

DCS2 2.30: Daria Blackadder Has been Defeated
DCS2 2.30: Daria Blackadderwas Killed By Atticus Jetaime

Atticus Jetaime breathes heavily, very much in pain.
He leans on the couch.

Collin Weder laughs ruefully at the victory of Atticus.* "You fight extraordinary, however there are more sith on the way should you like to test your prowess on them by all means stay. If not then I would leave."

Atticus Jetaime takes in some deep breathes, "I…need…the practice."

Collin Weder says, "you are stubborn, and a fool!"

Atticus Jetaime looks to the fallen women, "Was it good for the two of you?"

Daria Blackadder gasps, "Ienjoyed the lesson yeah…but you have lost anyway."

Ealena Iwish very injuried answer in pain "I'll catch you in a time of more lucky."

Atticus Jetaime calls out in pain, "Oh Nymphetimine!!! I gave your girls a nice time."

Nymph Zenith lifts her head and wonder if she is going to have to spank him herself..again…
Atticus Jetaime stumbles a bit…weak from the three fights.
Collin Weder shifts himself in his seat, a evil smile on his face* "Do return anytime Atticus, I should love the company once I have redecorated"

Atticus Jetaime grins, "As I said…I would rather be thrown out…"

Nymph Zenith get up and mutters.

Atticus Jetaime concentrates, trying to heal himself a bit.
He leans on the couch. "Do we tango now, Nymphetimine?"

Daria Blackadder bows humbly ''we failed you lady chaos..now its your turn to teach him''

Nymph Zenith rolls her eyes "I swear any excuse to touch me"
Atticus Jetaime nods.

Collin Weder calls out to Chaos* "Remember I want his head!!"

Nymph Zenith nods to the girls "oh no worries"

Ealena Iwish bows feeling but and ashamed by the defeat.

Atticus Jetaime ignites his saber once more…
He looks at Nymph and grins, waving her to come to him.

Nymph Zenith she doesn't bother to ignight hers..she smirks and lifts her hand to remove her mask from her face clicking it to her belt her teeth modified to sharp points "as I said you want me you will have to crawl too me" she draws the dark to her the shadows of the room swirl as if angry a sudden surge of force is felt in her an almost zen like state within her that suddenly will erupt in pure rage in time like a ticking time bomb..she only lifts her hand as the room starts to manifest creatures of great horror serpantine and arachnid based life froms deadly and not an illusion they will show up on any scanners real though not..but still ready to move.

Atticus Jetaime looks around and shakes his head, "Come now….this is a saber fight…" He takes a quick swish of his saber, not meaning to do any damage…yet. He aims it for one of the straps on her shoulder.

Nymph Zenith doesn't even flinch she knows him far too well..and one of the straps of her top falls she rolls her eyes "not going to be happy till i'm naked hmm.." her hand lifts and a blast of sickening force flows from her fingertips to try and push him away her other hand draws her saber and it ignights.."very well but do remember I did warn you"..the horrors she's unleashed still creep closer to atti's form ..a slight sickeness like looking into the face of evil, her own aura of fear sparks she raises her saber upwards…and blows him a taunting kiss.

Atticus Jetaime smiles back, and tries to keep focued and not let the horrors surrounding him phase him. He is pushed back a bit but stands his ground. He holds up his saber in a defensive stance and licks his lips.

Nymph Zenith smirks as the force imbues into her very being the wretched darkness she commands seems to suddenly shift all the horrors she unleashed does a mad dash at Atti's form with hisses and clicks of fangs and many slimy maws to bite at him…but they would vanish as they get close she smirks and at the same she veers to the side with a sudden burst of speed her saber swipes at his midsection to his belt area..she takes a stance , sokan in hand she smirks.."better hang on dear this will be painful"

Atticus Jetaime tries to roll away from her but gets caught on his side. He is in pain for a moment, but shakes it off. "Very good…" He looks down and sees the rip in his shirt, blood flowing. He grins and then jumps, aiming his saber at her other shoulder.

Zerafon bows "Lady Chaos" he looks around for Lord Mephistopholes
Arrival: Drac Coalcliff

Nymph Zenith is ready though his speed is something she wasn't ready for she manages to shift back, as the saber slices at her shoulder it barely scratches her but does manage to slice off her other shoulder armor she hisses as that was very close the seering heat at her shoulder burns from it a deep scratch she parries her own saber down and coming back upwards her form slips to the left and her saber is aimed at his body his leg to be exact in an upward slash she growls her rage starting to escalate.

Collin Weder grins as he watches the confrontation, barely noticing the newcomers.

Atticus Jetaime rolls on the floor but is caught again by her saber on his thigh. He is winded…the previous battles has him at a disadvantage. He might as well go down having some fun at her expense. He rolls up behind her and takes a swipe at the strap on her back.

Collin Weder finally breaks his gaze from the duel and looks to the newcomers. "Greetings, Atticus here is just learning his lesson for disobedience, forgive me for not standing and for shouting. I am Lord Mephistopholes, and you are?"

Nymph Zenith she hisses an arches her back as he manuvers to swipe at her..her chest armor sliced through and falling to the floor…this only enrages her deeply she's wounded him and now there is a seering pain in her back from the swipe , not lethal but enough to get her ire up more she spins as the force rippls aorund her , her hand lifts and a blast of force rips from her hand towards him and the door it is enough to tear metal apart her power and rage flows like a torrent…she spins her saber expertly towards him…a series of timed strikes not to hit, they will be easy to dodge but he will be driven back..

Atticus Jetaime jumps back, avoiding the swipes…through to the downed door.

Nymph Zenith moves with each step he makes as if mimicing his footsteps..the force strong and her rage lifted she gets closer and takes a full swipe at his neck with her saber what is left of the door flies off into the water she hisses her eyes pure fire and rage.

Atticus Jetaime gets a sly smile, though quite in pain. He doges her swipes and takes his left arm to grab her and pull her close. He winks and takes his saber to make a quick flick on her last item on her chest. He then attemps to give her a quick kiss….knowing this will piss her off something fierce.

Nymph Zenith her swipe misses thats enough to enrage her , she snarls as his saber flicks to her chest she just barely gets out of the way her back to avoid it though her top is held on by a string…that one moment leaving her open or she would have been sliced open , snaps her gaze up as he moves to kiss her he would get close very very close as if time stood still he would see her eyes burn in fury and rage of this…as his lips would get to contact her hand would lift and the full force of her power is in that small slender hand , a blast of pure force would lift him into the air and off his feet lightening sparks in a storm around her…she hisses her saber unlights and her hand goes to her chest to hold onto her one item left….she would blast him clear off the balcony and almost rip him apart , nothing is heard from her but a feral growl of anger.

Atticus Jetaime flies from the balcony and towards the water…they can hear his pained, but intense laughter as he flies in the air. This is ended by the loud sound of a slash below.

Collin Weder frowns as Atticus is thrown from the balcony with his head still intact.

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