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Hulio almost made all of us in this rp pee our pants. Shows that rp doesn't ALWAYS have to be combat to be fun. Enjoy…

A Drunk Hulio Embarrasses All

[21:32] Atticus Jetaime leans down and kisses her, "Hello, my love."
[21:34] Talmerith Jael blinks and turns over a bit before wincing as she turns over onto her shoulder "owww.."
[21:34] Atticus Jetaime: What happened to you?
[21:35] Hulio stumbled down the hill hiccuping with a drink in his hand… his cigar barley being held between his lips… He stood there, barley standing. Squinting trying to see who the man in black was.. But he thought he looked familiar.
[21:35] Atticus Jetaime turns and sees Hulio…he walks over to him.
[21:35] Atticus Jetaime: On vacation?
[21:36] Atticus Jetaime smirks.
[21:36] Hulio looked at the man as he got closer… "Oh! Attismus! I though' tha' was you, yah kriffah!… No no… Retired"
[21:36] Atticus Jetaime: Retired???
[21:36] Hulio: Aye…
[21:37] Atticus Jetaime: You don't seem the type that would like rest.
[21:37] Hulio he burped and looked like he would puke but he held it in… "Whew… Foun' out tha' tha Empire was back on Coruscan'…. I said, "Kriff it! I'm goin tah Corelia!" an' 'ere i am!…" he looked into his drink for a few seconds, just staring at it like it hit him in the face….
[21:38] Atticus Jetaime: Yes well…they are there, as is the republic…better than a blasted war.
[21:38] Hulio looked over Atticus' shoulders… "Whos tha' yah go' there? Eh? eh? Yah ol' dog you… Movin on already eh?" he sighed and shook his head the way drunk people do… "Made me sad when i 'eard tha Empress died…" he took another chug of his drink… "Together?! Tha' makes no kriffin sense!"
[21:39] Atticus Jetaime looks back, "No, merely a friend." He turns to him, "They aren't together. Just have a brief understanding."
[21:40] Hulio chuckled and whistled… "Yah was jus' kissin a friend?! Oh yah can' put a fas' one ovah me yah know!… I know all tha tricks. I'll be happy tah teach em tah yah. Bu' some otha time. I'm kinda drunk." he looked at Atticus… "Assimus? righ'? Well a undahstandin tha' tha Empire woul' know is like… When yah take a bantha and a big pole…"
[21:41] Hulio: An' yah run abou' 30 meters back with tha bantha facin away
[21:41] Talmerith Jael proping herself up and leaning against the tree she glances over her shoulder at the conversation but doesn't say anything.
[21:41] Hulio: An' then yah charge tha' Bantha with tha' pole aimed righ' at its behind an' ram it all in there!
[21:41] Atticus Jetaime smiles, "Close…Atticus. But yes…I am not holding out hope for a peace. It is buying me time to get the Republic up and running."
[21:42] Hulio: Aye… well i'll leave yah an' tha' girl ovah there… tah yah buisness…
[21:42] Hulio he yelled over at the girll "THIS MAN SATISFIED THA' EMPRESS YAH KNOW! YAH A LUCKY GIRL!"
[21:43] Atticus Jetaime turns red.
[21:43] Atticus Jetaime: I…
[21:43] Hulio: No worries mate… Now she's like puddin in yah hands now….
[21:43] Hulio began to mummble and shout stuff as he walked off.
[21:43] Atticus Jetaime looks at him with a saddened face, "I do miss her…"

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