Folms Dudek - Aqualish Smuggler

Aqualish, Male, 32 years old. At large among the worlds of the Outer Rim


Folms was born on the Aqualish homeworld of Ando about 180 ABY. Like most Quara Aqualish, he left Ando for the galaxy at large to seek out easy money, as well as a few good battles. Folms is barely able to speak basic, and when he does, it's usually with a broken understanding of the language's grammar. He is able to comprehend it quite well. He does not pride himself on his manner of speaking.

First and foremost, Folms is an accomplished pilot - a skill he learned in his youth while piloting swoops and other grav-effects transports over the oceans of his homeworld. He is also quite proficient at drive repair and modification. Although Folms may come off as crass and nearly barbaric at times, he is a hedonist with suprisingly good taste in regards to material things. This peculiar character trait developed as a result of the people and material goods he's dealt with over the course of his decade-long smuggling career.

Folms has little concern for the affairs of the Empire or the Alliance. He prefers to concentrate on his own selfish pursuits.

After a few years of building up a fortune by shipping spice from Kessel to the leyward worlds, Folms' good fortune had suddenly run out. While being pursued by a rival crime boss's ships in Hutt space, Folms was forced to haphazardly force his ship into hyperspace without any preset course.

After a week spent in hyperspace limbo he re-emerged, utterly lost. He found his ship had been flung far into the rimward region of the Galaxy. With the little fuel he had available, Folms set his ship, The Greedy Mynoch, down at the nearest safe spaceport: Ord Mantell.

The string of misfortune continued, much to Folms' chagrin. Not only was he out of fuel, but the ship's hyperdrive motivator was badly damaged during the desperate escape jump. Even with the profits gained by selling off a full load of unrefined spice in the ship's hold, Folms was still short of the funds needed to make repairs to his ship. Folms was forced to seek dangerous work to make quick profits.

Folms traveled back to the Outer Rim, leaving his crippled ship in a storage hangar back on Ord Mantell. The Outer Rim worlds were much more familiar to him, which meant more opportunities to make a quick buck. He eventually found work on Tatooine.

He gained a position as a pilot with a contingent of Bounty Hunters. Soon he realized that the credits weren't as plentiful from this position as he'd wished. He left the Bounty Hunter group to work for a much more promising source of income - The local Hutt crimeboss.

Folms settled quite well into the role as a Henchman to the interstellar crime boss. He enjoyed the infamous reputation he gained by performing the ill-deeds of the Hutt, including several turf wars and various violent shake downs of rival criminal organizations. Through the Hutt's many mealymouthed dealings, he found himself indirectly working for his previous employer, which eventually led to a near-lethal confrontation.

The gainful employment with the Hutt continued for a few months. During that time Folms nearly lost his life on three occasions in the service of the devious crimelord. During another near-fatal gun battle in a hangar on Manaan, Folms decided the income earned by serving the Hutt was not worth the price of his life. Folms cut his losses, and pursued other methods of making money.

Folms' younger years spent racing over the seas of his homeworld proved unexpectedly profitable. He entered a few high-stakes swoop races on outer rim worlds. His experience, ruthlessness and a little luck gave him victory in nearly every race he entered. Among the streets, open desert courses, and hazardous tracks, Folms found the credits he needed to continue financing repairs on his freighter.

He re-established his smuggling network in the Outer Rim soon after. Folms' modified Z-10 Seeker was now making picket runs along the old Duros Murega trade-route which extends from Rodia to Ryloth. This route was convenient; it allowed him to take extended leaves on Tatooine and Ando.

During one of his planetside reststops, Folms became the subject of a system-wide bounty. The following bulletin was posted by Imperial officials on Tatooine:

This sentient is armed and dangerous. Do not approach him yourself. Last seen running from the Gardulla Oola Hotel & casino. Wanted in connection of the shooting of the hotel security guard and a patron. First pulled a knife due to an altercation over alcohol, then reportedly returned with his weapon drawn from the weapons check, shot the security guard, then the patron and ran. It was reported he may have departed via the Space Port.

Imperial Warrant out for his arrest - 500 credit reward for information leading to his detainment.

If you see this individual, contact the Imperial Authorites immediately! DO NOT take matters into your own hands.

Major Corvin Hoon
Imperial Garrison

Eventually Folms was subdued by Imperial officials. Due to a technicality arising from the dubious nature of the Gardulla's employment practices (the Hotel Security Guard was a criminal agent dispatched to assassinate Folms), he served only a nominal sentence. He was released from custody after 3 months in local holding and was fined 3K credits. He produced the funds and returned to The Mynock, broke and back to square one.

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