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how can i
(account deleted) 12 Jan 2009 01:43
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how can i start my own profile?

edit: sory, i found out how, can someone delete this comment, dont mean to cause spam. ty

how can i by (account deleted), 12 Jan 2009 01:43

Greetings .. I would hopefully like to combine this massive RP and collide it with both Corusant and Onderon. If anyone has any Ideas to add to this storyline please feel free. The End result will end in consequence if anyone fails too destroy the Relic. This should be fun …

People That Can Be Involved: Sim Wide

"Curse Of The Relic .."

-Vilda and Lucas travel to Korribon to investigate a mysterious disturbance in the Force. They come across a enigmatic Cave which mysteriously gives out a "strange" energy, worried and curious Vilda and Lucas enter the cave and find a mysterious looking Relic, they bring it back too Corusant for study, but as they do they accidently bump into the all too familuar Selkath … Jhosa. The Selkath and the two Jedi ingage into a convesation, the Selkath begins to get curious about the mysterious Object, and (hopefully) manages too steal it (hopefully this will happen so we can get traffic to Onderon to begin a sim wide RP) and takes it back too Onderon, hiding it, , and discovers ancient powers from the Relic.

Meanwhile .. Vilda and Lucas (anyone else who hopefully wants too partcipate may join in) rush against time too try and find the Selkath who stole the Relic. (Unbekownest to Vilda and Lucas the Relic has mysterious type Voo-doo like powers which the Selkath Jhosa discovers can curse a Person or a City? Causing a darkness from within the City.

Meanwhile — Vilda and Lucas (or anyone else) discover a horrifying secert what Jhosa stole has a a terrifying secert, something that could end the fate of Onderon, or the very souls of those around the Relic temselves — A Secert that could end be so terrifying they must rush against time to destroy it — (A Relic that can trap Souls?)

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free too add .. Be Well!

Selkisto Horten, Chancellor of the PGA, gave an Ultimatum to Ardonis Commadore, Executor of the Empire, to leave within one standard week, or be removed- with force, if necessary:

"Even with two buildings, you've caused enough trouble. Sabotaging the trial, stirring violence, and interfering in our affairs.. not to mention the hidden base outside of your territory. You have proven you cannot be trusted, which is why I am giving this ultimatum- You can see that we still have military superiority here. Our ships control orbit, our fighters patrol the skies, our support ships patrol the surface and our troops the ground. Whatever you think you may be capable of, keep in mind that we have already defeated you once, and soundly. Our capital ships bear the turbolaser burns of the first battle, but they are prepared to meet the next, should it arise. You cannot win, and if you fight, you will be needlessly wasting the lives of your men." He indicates the two stormtroopers standing to either side of the Executor, "And so I say, you are hereby declared an Enemy of the Republic. Leave Coruscant, now, and do not return. You have one week." He then turns to the stormtroopers, "And as always, you men are offered the chance to become PGA citizens, or deliberate non-citizens, if you wish."

The deadline is Sunday, December 6th, at 6PM SLT.

This is being re posted due to Forum issues, since this has been building up for a while everyone should know this is coming anyway.

SUNDAY event by TalmerithTalmerith, 07 Dec 2008 04:05

Due to lack of evidence, Shelkar Slyusarenko dismissed the trial.

Re: Trial of Ardonis by atticusjetaimeatticusjetaime, 25 Nov 2008 00:00

*Taps a dress boot on the floor, looking around*

When is this supposed to happen again?

Re: Trial of Ardonis by Markius FaulknerMarkius Faulkner, 22 Nov 2008 21:19

CTF- Capture The Flag. (Designed for OOC Fun and encourage people to get better at DCS Combat?)

Alright I got this Idea from "Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast .."… The aim is for the two teams to have a "flag each" .. There can be two teams of "10" or maybe up to "15" .. Which could also have a team of people split into groupd of "5" people, three different teams. People on each team, for example "Imperial Side" and "Jedi Side" or "Sith Side" .. This is called CTP= Capture the Flag, the aim is for the team to get back to their own base with the enemies flag, without dying, the team with the most enemies flag stolen is the winner.

FFA= Free For All. (Designed For OOC Fun and could encourage People to get better at DCS Combat?)

The aim of this is for everyone to be pitted against one another, again like CTF, there are two teams of "10" or "15" People. The last person standing is the winner. The best place this could be held at is possibly at the Galactic Nexus.

Plus i think this would also add to the Star Wars Community for People who feel like have a little bit of fun and shoot 'em up. Sometimes prizes or a reward could be rewarded to the person or team if the event is set up. I would encourage this "idea" as i think it would add the richness to the Star Wars Community.

Possible Locations: Onderon?

Defainate Location: Galactic Nexus ..

Opinions? Please?

Greetings People!

This is Lucas .. I thought I create a fun thread of "Say something Postive about the Person Above You Thread .." .. Please keep the comments positive, and have fun! :P


Greetings ..

I am Lucas .. And i would like to provide the SW-RP Community with a special showing of the six Star Wars movies. Times and scedules will be orginized ASAP. Movies will start from The Phantom Menace- Return Of The Jedi, hopefully the destination will be revealed soon. After the six sceduled Star Wars movies — A special movie will follow .. Please keep an eye out in this thread for the offical anouncement of when, where, and times ..



Star Wars Movies. by Lucas_V_AtlantisLucas_V_Atlantis, 13 Nov 2008 09:46

As long as it isn't a certain Selkath I know .. We all should be fine .. xD :P

This RP should be interesting … Very Interesting .. :P

The Republic's trial of Ardonis Commodore for war crimes.

Important People Needed: Ardonis, Shelkar, Kisho, Reena, Sana, Lucas, Markius.

What needs to be done: Prosecution needs to give the defense all its evidence and charges so that Reena can get together with Ardonis to plan his defense. All witnesses must be put into place by Tuesday night.

Time set: No time set. If need be, it can carry over to another day.

Need to decide on where in Coruscant we will have this. Also, it would be nice if the prosecution can list the charges here in this thread. It would also be nice if Cyrano and Reena can list their witnesses in this thread as well.

Should be a fun trial to watch. We have a cat creature for prosecution, a happy go lucky deaf twi'lek as defense and a selkath as judge. Expect some hilarity.

Trial of Ardonis by atticusjetaimeatticusjetaime, 10 Nov 2008 20:40

I agree with sion. Perhaps make alternate class' for Jedi Guardian, Sentinal, and Consular, and give them abilities based on that? Like for Guardian more Offensive abilities, Sentinal more Covert Abilities, and for Consular more Defensive Abilities

Re: Suggestions? by JysTJysT, 09 Nov 2008 13:52

Xoza Tyron is the best person to talk to.

Re: DCS XP. by atticusjetaimeatticusjetaime, 24 Aug 2008 16:08

Who would be the best person to speak to regardig DCS XP disturbutatin concerns? Thanks!

DCS XP. by MissXMissX, 07 Aug 2008 23:07

Yes, we know about this puppy. It is something that will be nerfed soon. They are working on a bran new set-up that should take care of a lot of the bugs in our current set-up, including hydrospanner.

Re: Mandalorian. by atticusjetaimeatticusjetaime, 02 Jul 2008 13:44

What is the move where they throw a ?hydrospanner? What does it do/What does it cost. I saw a fight the other day when it most have been used x15 in a short span of time so was kinda curious.

Mandalorian. by MissXMissX, 28 Jun 2008 03:42

Yes actually other then the variety of small bugs that pop up *Cough* such as powers lagging in a near empty sim*cough* I think Jedi could use some more offensive capabilites, I've noticed most ar eprotective but some Jedi like Gaurdians are mostly offensive types. Now I may be wrong and there be more then Force Strike but I'm pretty sure we could use more.

Re: Suggestions? by Sion The PropagationSion The Propagation, 01 May 2008 23:55

Any suggestions on classes that should be changed/fixed?


Suggestions? by atticusjetaimeatticusjetaime, 29 Apr 2008 00:51
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