Galactic Senate Coruscant

The Galactic Senate was reestablished on Coruscant under guidance from the Empire after it gained control of the planet. In what would later be a controversial appointment the Empress Talmerith Jael was also named Chancellor for the new senate. Established as a way for the various factions to finally have a place to sit down and work out their differenced the Senate met with some success at its beginning.

However old grievances soon arose. The Empire declared war upon with Sith without consulting the senate and this drove a rift between several of the senators. Eventually this would cause Senator Hyacinth Janick to spit from the Senate and begin the Republic Liberation Front (RLF) in an effort to bring a true Republic back to the galaxy.

Finally an assassination attempt during a senate meeting by a rouge member of the RLF on Empress Jael angered the Empress to the point she removed imperial support and disbanded the senate.

Coruscant news flash:

In a startling move Empress Regent Talmerith Jael and now former Chancellor for the Senate has officially removed Imperial support for the Senate. A recording from the meeting earlier this evening follows.


Talmerith Jael stands and looks around at the gathering “I see after the mess of last meeting not many have decided to come. So be it. I have an announcement to make to those who are here”

When I was approached about the idea of the Empire hosting the Senate I welcomed the idea. There has never been, in my time, a forum for open communication between groups and I wanted to encourage it. To build relations with other planets and factions.

There was some success in this. However more and more this forum is being used only as a way to spread propaganda and misinformation. Never was this meant as a voting body and yet some hold the illusions that is should be. They think that this is a Republic. It is not. The Republic died a death that sent the galaxy into chaos and I am not going to repeat that mistake.

The Empire is not going to mire itself in bureaucracy in order to appease those who would ask for something to be done, and yet balk when true action is taken

There for The Empire is officially removing its support of a senate as of today. We will hold an Imperial Council which will serve as a forum for other groups to speak to the Empire on neutral grounds. You are all free to send a request to be part of this council. It will be made clear however while the empire will listen, we will not be bound by the decisions of others. We will do what we have to in order to secure stability for the galaxy. There is a brighter future. But it requires order and discipline.

That is all, this is not open for discussion. You are all free to go. As of now the senate will no longer exist on Coruscant.

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