Galactic Unity Timeline

The timeline for the Galactic Unity sims is 220ABY (After the Battle of Yavin)

This is almost a hundred years past anything that has been written in Star Wars canon. The reason for doing this is so that we are not constrained by an already written storyline. Also so that we do not conflict with any Star Wars canon that already exists.

Several years worth of stories, spanning across many sims, have shaped where the role-play is in second life Star Wars today. This can be confusing however for those new to the role play that do not know what has happened before or are only familiar with the Star Wars movies and none of the expanded universe. While trying to get a coherent timeline for everything that has happened in Second Life Star Wars is nearly impossible there are some major events that have shaped where things are today. This write up is meant to give a general understanding of what is means to be in 220ABY.

General overview of the Galaxy in 220ABY

Canon history:
In Star Wars Canon around 130ABY the Republic that was rebuilt after defeating Palpatines Empire had crumbled. Once again to be replaced with the Empire as ruled by Roan Fel. However shortly after the Empire regained control of the galaxy a Sith lord known as Darth Krayt usurped the throne from Fel and reestablished a Sith Empire. Darth Krayt abolished the Sith “rule of two” as created by Darth Bane, instead reestablishing a full Sith order under his control.

Second Life history:
In the role play it is assumed that some time after 140ABY fighting between the various factions brought down any sort of organized galactic government and plunged the galaxy into chaos. For almost a hundred years the factions splintered and fought over scraps of power, all trying to carve out a place for themselves in a galaxy in ruins.

The Factions:

The Sith:
At some point Darth Krayt lost control of the Sith and so the Sith Empire fractured into various orders. The abundance of Sith created by these orders tore apart any attempts to bring the galaxy back into order. Though they had the numbers and power to control the galaxy infighting amongst the Sith themselves kept them from achieving this goal. Recently however the Sith have become more organized. On the planet Byss, the Sith Empire was born with Darth Validus as Galactic Emperor. At the very height of the Empire's power, Emperor Validus ordered that a command ship should be immediately constructed to serve as his flagship. Once it was completed, the Emperor boarded the titanic craft and immediately departed towards the Unknown Regions, leaving his Empire headless and without direction. Without the strong Force-bonded leadership of its Emperor, the Sith Empire turned in on itself. However, several years after, returning to Vjun and Korriban they have been integrating Sith orders into one Sith Empire again.

The Jedi:
The Jedi still survived through this time though have also become fractured into many different orders. Several attempts have been made to create a fully unified Jedi order spanning the galaxy however so far none of those attempts have succeeded for very long. The wars between the Jedi and Sith became long, bitter and destructive ravaging many parts of the galaxy. Recently the Jedi have taken more of a background role to events. Most taking a watch and wait attitude while still helping where they feel they are needed.

The Fel Empire:
Roan Fel survived after Darth Krayt’s assassination attempt. He returned to Bastion and became a thorn in the side of the Sith as he tried to retake the Empire. Over the years the battles between those loyal to Fel, and those of the Sith Empire nearly destroyed both. The Sith were never defeated however and eventually the Fel Empire was worn down to the point it fell out of sight. In recent years the Fel Empire has returned and is once again a major factor in the Galaxy, able to reclaim Coruscant and make an attempt to create a government once more.

The Republic Liberation Front:
After the Galactic Alliance (what remained of the Republic) was defeated by the Empire remnants of it survived. Over the years there have been several attempts to bring back a Republic to the galaxy however they have quickly fallen apart, either through infighting, attacks or attrition. Most recently after becoming disillusioned with the Fel Empire’s version of a reestablished senate several Senators broke off and created the Republic Liberation Front. A small group at the moment, working out of Onderon, they believe the Fel Empire to be little better then the Sith and seek to reestablish a true Republic to the galaxy.

The Mandalorians:
If any group has thrived off the chaos of the last hundred years it is the Madalorians. The constant wars and violence only caused a resurgence of those following the Mandalorian ways. Powerful warriors they are known as a group not to be trifled with as their taking sides in any war nearly ensured the destruction of the opposition. Now rebuilding a home on Duxn there current plans for the future are not known to outsiders though they seem restless from the relative peace in recent months.

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