Gray Jedi

"Jinn always does things his own way, always sure he is right, always incredulous if we do not see it his way. Some think he is a gray Jedi."
―Tyvokka on Qui-Gon Jinn

Gray Jedi was a term, sometimes used pejoratively, that described Jedi who were thought to operate independently and often outside the strictures of the High Council. The term itself seems to date back as far as the Old Sith Wars. Certainly, during this time period, Gray Jedi themselves seem to have become associated even with a certain variety of robe. In the following millennia, the term continued to increase in usage, most likely due to the increasing trend towards centralization of power in the Order, and the increased prominence of the Jedi Council itself. Imperial Knights are often referred to as Gray Jedi.

Gray Jedi Sub-Classes
Healer: Empath
DPS (Damage per Second): Bladeslinger
Tank: Templar

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