History Of The New Galactic Empire In Second Life

The current New Galactic Empire is what remains of the Empire as recreated by the Fel dynasty, before Darth Krayt usurped the throne and eventually devolved the galaxy into the chaos seen today.

The return of the Empire after years of lying quiet happened on the Imperial world of Bastion. Aboard a secretive and highly defended station, High Admiral Solomon along with Inquisitor Koji Starr (once a highly respected Jedi master who retired out of frustration with the fractured nature of the Jedi) brought the Empire back as a means to bring peace and stability back to a galaxy in turmoil. There were whispers also a descendant of the Fel line was behind the efforts to rebuild the Empire though the true identity of this person remained a closely guarded secret. For a time there was some success as the Empire gained influence and numbers. However once again the Sith would betray the Empire and bring it down. There were those serving in the Empire who had worked their way into the ranks under the guise of being “reformed” Sith. The truth of their allegiance was revealed only too late and in a bloody massacre at Bastion they betrayed the Empire killing Admiral Solomon and many others who remained loyal. Those not killed scattered and Bastion was lost.

A few of the Imperials survived, those who managed to escape or who had not been at Bastion. Imperial Knight Ardonis Commodore and Admiral Priest Varun attempted to gather what remained of the Empire and rebuild from the garrison of Tatooine. However soon after infighting over policy within the Empire caused a rift between The Grand Master Knight and Admiral. Eventually it would see Varun removed from leadership of the Imperial forces, leaving Ardonis and Vice Admiral Aryte Vesperia in command. After being forced out of his position the former Admiral Varun went on to start a rebellion against the Empire.

For a time on Tatooine the Imperial forces grew rapidly and the influence of the Empire spread again. But many would say in this time that the Empire started to loose sight of the original goals of peace and stability, instead becoming heavily militaristic and power hungry. Fair or not, the image spread and Varun’s rebellion gained strength from it.

Ultimately though it would not be the rebellion or the Sith that would cause the scattering of the Imperial forces this time. Instead those in command became frustrated with the pressures of the state of things in the galaxy and for their own reasons stepped down from leadership of the Empire. Either going on to other wars or simply disappearing.

With the departure of the leaders most of the Imperial forces dissolved. Confusion over who would take over leadership caused more internal strife. Eventually the Governor of Tatooine, and Moff of the sector, David Ar'zona, would step up and take command of what remained of the Imperial Forces. In this time seeing the Empire's weakness the rebellion grew bold enough to establish a foothold base on Tatooine from which to strike at the Empire and take control of the sector.

In order to have a strong and clear leadership during this time Ar’zona would take on the title of Emperor and the Empire itself was reformed into the Imperial Order. Appointed as his trusted advisors were Talmerith Jael (once a simple imperial intelligence agent who would be appointed to General in this time) along with a mysterious Twi’lek woman known as Evu.

In order to keep the rebellion from being able to take Tatooine Ar'zona allowed the 7th legion storm troopers to take over the garrison. The garrison had been known to serve the Sith on Byss in the past and it’s aid to the Empire, along with an alliance with Lady Raven's Dark Jedi during this time would bring a great deal of suspicion against the Empire and only further feed the growing rebellion.

The fighting with the rebellion eventually spiraled out of control into an open war. The city of Mos Eisly was almost completely destroyed in the clashes. both sides suffered heavy losses neither able to gain a real advantage over the other. Eventually the remainder of the rebellion forces would withdraw neither side really able to claim victory.

A secure Imperial compound was constructed on Tatooine from which the Empire would rebuild once again. The city around it was slowly cleaned up and efforts where made to bring needed resources into Tatooine for reconstruction.

However tragedy would once again strike the Empire. Emperor Ar'zona's shuttle suffered a terrible accident upon returning to Tatooine shortly after the reconstruction began and he and Evu were presumed lost in the crash. General Jael stepped up to take command of the Empire.

After Ar’zona’s death Jael pulled the tattered remains of the Empire off of Tatooine. She made an offer to Telos IV to bring the Imperial forces to the newly reconstructed cities there in order to bring some semblance of law to the chaotic world. On Telos, Talmerith also found Ardonis Commodore and convinced him to return to his position of Grand Master of the Imperial Knights and assist her in rebuilding the military. Taking on the title of Supreme Commander Talmerith had some success on Telos. However the chaotic and hostile political environment rife with Sith plots and intrigue proved too much for the Imperial forces to handle. It soon became clear trying to rebuild the Empire from Telos was not going to be possible.

Sights were set for a bigger goal, the Empire would retake Coruscant. The core planet had long been overrun by Sith. Though in the centuries they had controlled it they had become chaotic and leaderless. Battles raged across the planet until finally the Imperial Forces gained the upper hand and were able to claim Imperial city for the Empire once more.

Just as Imperial City was being retaken Telos fell into ruin by a combination of man made and natural disaster. The Imperial forces fled rescuing as much of the population as possible.

Shortly after this the surprising rediscovery of Kolto on Manaan brought the Empire in force back to the planet. The ex-Mandalorian Chiss Karch Mereel was chosen by Jael to be the Moff of the sector. Manaan proved to be difficult for the Empire to control however as the Selkath attempted to implement neutrality again with the leverage of the Kolto. Sith, Imperial, Jedi and several other factions vied for positions of power. Jael against the advice of most of the high command refused to have the Empire do a complete military takeover of the planet instead insisting on respecting the Selkath’s rights to govern their own planet. Unfortunately this did not end well.

After an incident in which an Imperial agent slew a Selkath they turned against the Empire asking for the Sith to step in and protect Manaan. Eventually the Sith gave up their post and the Empire was invited to return. However before the garrison could be reestablished the Sith completely destroyed the Kolto production facilities along with power generation and the spaceport. Manaan closed off to the outside galaxy and has never been reopened.

At the same time on Coruscant the Empire slowly regained its numbers overcoming various internal and external challenges. Their main opposition proving to be a rising group calling itself the Consortium, as well as the Sith of Vjun. The Consortium lead by a woman who believed the current Empire was weak and needed to be replaced carried out devastating terrorist attacks on the city. Eventually their base in the under city was found and destroyed in a raid but they continue to cause problems under the new name of the Brotherhood.

Despite this however the Empire has kept its hold on Coruscant and continued to gain influence. The Galactic Senate was re-established as a means for various factions to come and have open communication of issues facing the galaxy. Jael stepped away from the military role of Supreme Commander taking on more of a political role of Empress Regent of the Empire and also Chancellor of the new senate. Leaving all military operations under the preview of now Grand Moff Karch Mereel.

There were growing internal issues challenging the Empire however. This would end with Jael removing Ardonis as Grand Master of the Imperial Knights over a conflict in opinions of how the Empire should be run. The Empress made the controversial decision to replace him with Atticus Jetaime. Once known as the Sith lord Morpheus, he had since forsaken their ways seeking redemption. Despite the controversy Atticus’ leadership of the Knights thus far has proven a benefit to the Empire.

The Sith became an ever present threat. As their attacks on various Imperials and members of the senate grew the Empire began to respond in kind organizing attacks against the Sith. Finally this became a declaration of war in an announcement made by Grand Moff Mereel to the senate. This declaration however has caused distress with several members of the senate who insist the Empire is acting without consent.

Most recently the Sith managed to abduct the Empress and hold her on Vjun. A bloody battle ensued in which the Empress was retrieved but there were serious casualties on both sides.

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