Jaden Kenobi

Name: Jaden Kenobi
Alias: Jaden
Linden Name (If different from character): Qazwsx963 Allen

Birth Place: Coruscant

Occupation: Imperial Knight

Spouse: None

Relatives: Peter820 Little(cousin),Darth Sapps(father)

Character History: Jaden was born on Coruscant. When he was at the age of 10. He usually liked looking at how imperial knights captured criminals and protect the empress. But his true dream was to be a jedi. When Jaden became at the age of 15 he went to Ord Mantell to become a jedi. But he found out that the jedi were only corrupting him. So he went back to Coruscant with the first shuttle he found. Now he is an Imperial Knight. And his duty is to protect the empress at all times.

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