Jhosa Selkath

Name: JhoSa Selkath

Linden Name (If different from character): Mister Beebe

Birth Place: Manaan

Occupation: Chief High Court Justice of the Ahlto Court; Ambassador; Senator; Lover

Spouse: None

Relatives: Chandral Tribe

Character History:

Jhosa Selkath likes to share his Selkath self with as many beings as possible. He has personally bedded over 1/2 the Galactic Coruscant Senate .. Both Flesh Bags and others.

Once a pretty common Selkath, JhoSa has run across the 13th Stone of Chandral … Making him .. more mysterious than ever. He has been seen in the company of both Jedi and Sith .. and has been going through alot of "changes".

Most recently JhoSa Selkath has become, thru the 13 stones … a Shapeshifter .. He has been known to change from a Selkath , to a Rancor, to a Droid .. and so on…

JhoSa Selkath … A Lovely Soul.. Still horny as a bugger … He may destroy himself .. or Ascend to a new plane of existance

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