Jys Tebut - Jedi Council Knight

Name: Jys Tebut (SL Name: Jessi Easterman)
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Coruscant
Age: 19
Hair: Red, with a white streak
Eyes: Green
Languages: Basic, Mando'a
Occupation: Jedi Council Knight
Relatives: Vilda Kazyanenko (Brother)
Comlink: sljessi (on YIM)
Lightsaber: Silver color, Used in the Shien ((http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shien)) Saber form
Secondary Weapons: Proficient in all forms of weaponry due to her Mandalorian training, and is known to carry multiple concealed weapons, in addition to her VX-Scorpion Slugthrowers


I was born in the year 200ABY, on the planet Coruscant. This is my story.

Some of my first memories were playing in the yard with my family. My older brother, my Mother, and my Father. But there is one day I remember well. The day my life changed forever.

It was early morning, everyone was just getting up to start the day. Everything seemed normal from my 3 year old eyes, Mom was making breakfast, and Dad and my brother were talking. Then it happened. Mandalorian Mercenaries busted down our door and came in blasters blazing, dad started shouting, and our robots went into combat mode, surrounding and protecting us. we started to retreat to the back door, while the droids did their best to hold off the mando's. they failed. I got separated from the rest of my family somehow, and crawled into a small locker to hide. I could hear the mando's outside, yelling in their native language, and I heard an airspeeder fly away. I crawled out and ran up the the nearest Mandalorian, and started kicking and punching his leg, yelling at him to leave my family alone. He looked down laughed at me, then picked me up by my shirt.

He adopted me into the mandalorian culture.

That mandalorian was named Jang of the clan Fett, and he was my adopted father for the next seven years. He raised me as a Mandalorian, and trained me well. I was always the best fighter of all the other kids on Mandalore.

Around my 10th birthday, he took me to the doctor for a routine check-up and blood sample. The doctor found high concentrations of Midi-clorians in my blood. My adopted father was furious, and he kicked me out, and I couldn't understand why. I later learned that it was because his whole family had been killed by a Jedi and Sith battle, and he blamed it on anyone with anything to do with the force. Including me.

I spent the next 2 years of my life as a scavenger, digging through trash dumps for a few credits to buy just enough food to survive. One day in my digging, I found a real treasure, the hull of an old Firespray-31 Patrol/Attack Craft. there wasn't a single system working on it, but for the next 6 months I toiled away, finding parts, fixing, patching, repairing, and one by one I got the systems running again. first the repulsorlifts, which helped me, cause i then had faster trasportation to different dumps. eventually i finally got enough systems running to get off that planet with so many bad memories.

((everything before this point is just backstory, none of it actually happened IC))

I wandered around the galaxy for a few days, then headed for ruusan, where i had heard that there were people who could train me to use the force.

After several tests and interviews, I was accepted into the NOJ, and was trained by Jedi Knight Vilda Kazyanenko. He was a great master and I learned many things from him.

But, as my training progressed, a Sith used an Ability called Sith Alchemy to create a force bond between her and my master, and he became obsessed with getting rid of it. He tried everything he could think of, but nothing he did worked. Eventually, with no where else to turn, he went to Korriban, to see if a sith could get rid of it. His search eventually let him to Darth Dolor, who gave him several options, none of them pleasant. but in return, he had to do something for her. He was commanded to blow up the temple on ruusan. He secretly placed a bomb on the temple, I sensed it through our master/padawan bond, but i arrived too late. luckily no one was harmed. Vilda then went back to Dolor, and informed her that the deed was done, and Dolor began the process of removing the force bond. She tortured him to death, then healed his body and pulled his force essence back into his body. After that he wasn't quite the same. Dolor had, in the process of pulling Vilda's essence into his body, put a bit of dark essence into him to, driving him insane, yelling at younglings, attacking fellow knights, and poisoning padawans.

Eventually he was able to get Dolor's evil out of his head, but the damage was already done. the NOJ arrested him, and locked him up in preparation for his trial. I was visiting with Vilda when a man named Wild Cote, who was one of Vilda's friends from Onderon, came, and said he had instructions from the council to move Vilda to Polis Massa. I should have sensed something was wrong. Wild delivered his friend back to Dolor, and Dolor turned Vilda to the dark side.

Meanwhile, my training had been completed, and I had become a knight at the young age of 18. I volunteered to be part of the team assained to track down and arrest Vilda.

On one of my missions, I ran into Vilda. knowing i couldn't take him alone, I made no effort to arrest him. He told me he had tracked me down because he had discovered something very interesting. Through research and a blood test, it was revealed that he was my long lost brother! I was shocked. this couldn't be true, all my life i had thought my family had all gotten killed! No matter how much i didn't want to believe it, i could sense he was telling the truth. He told me how when Dolor had turned him, some supressed memories had surfaced. Now I was even more determined to turn him back to the light.

After many attempts to arrest him, he hid on Vjun to escape us from arresting him. until his old master, Dracona, got killed, in a accident involving a evil clone of Dracona, and his Force Ghost went ot Vilda, pleading him to help him by using a special ritual to bind his force ghost with another one of his clones, and Vilda relutantly agreed.

They met on Ruusan to do the binding at the Nexus, and I sensed Vilda's arrival, and I went to the Nexus, planning to arrest him, but then I saw what was going on, and lent my energy to help my brother. we finished successfully, but Vilda had lost too much energy, and was dying. Despite his protests, I began pour life-giving force energy into him. He continued to protest, but he began to regain his energy, but I began to lose mine. I went unconsious for a while, and i woke up on a medical bed at the hospital, and I convinced Vilda to stay and rejoin the Jedi.

Vilda rejoined the NOJ, but the Council made him restart his training from the beginning. Being forced into being a Padawan again was too much for him, and he had been receiving offers to join other Jedi Orders, at the same position he was before he went to the Dark Side. He accepted an offer by an order that was just getting started, based on Coruscant, The Order of the Jedi Covenant, as a Council Knight.

Soon after, I became restless in my position on Ruusan. Meditating and Sparring were my daily routines, and I was becoming tired of it. I left the NOJ and Joined the Covenant. Soon after, one of the Founders of the Covenant, Sir Jilea, went to the Dark Side, leaving an open spot on the Jedi Council, and my brother nominated me. I was accepted into the Covenant Council, and since the Order was growing, another Council Member was added, Master Salem.


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