Kat Mero

Name: Kat Mero

Linden Name (If different from character): Raya Thielt

Birth Place: Kabaira

Occupation: Imperial Knight/Senator

Spouse: N/A

Relatives: Unknown

Character History:
Kat's mother was a Miraluka, her father a high Commander in the Galactic Empire in the Teilcam system. Kat's mother was originaly from Tatooine but as she got older she started to get into politics, and eventually beacame a Representitve of a small bacta shipping bussiness based off of Kabaira. (Kabaira was a major export of medicinal goods, metals and minerals.) Later she met Ryu Jer'von, Ryu had quit some say in what was happening on Kabaira and after marrying Kat's mother he apointed her Senator of Kabaira seeing although there wasn't a Senator for Kabaira already. Kat was born and life was normal for her until about the age of 5, she recived news from the Senate; her mother had been assasianated. Kat was horrified she ran away from home, smuggling aboard a transport ship that was headed for Tatooine, where life was normal for her…well as normal as life is for a 8 year old girl on one of the most crime ridden planets in the Outer Rim. By the age of 10 she had started a small Rebellion with her friends they didn't do much but they where at least a small annoyance to the Imperial's of Tatooine. As Kat grew older she wanted something different, this wasn't the life she had thought she would be living. So she went to Coruscant, into Imperial City, the same City her mother went every month to do her job. Kat wandered the busy streets of the Upper City of Coruscant searching for the Senate. Miraluka's didnt have eyes but thanks to Kat's father she wasn't completly blind, a blurry building caught her eye she had seen it before…she thought for a second then realized it was the Senate, her mother had brought back pictures to Kat and that's where she had seen it before. She entered it, but to her disapointment it wasnt, a Senate anymore. It had been turned into a theater of some sort. Three days later she meet an Imperial Knight, she was amazed by him. 'If I can't honor my mother I can at least honor my father…' Kat thought staring at the entrance to the Palace. Kat joined the Imperial Knights and enjoyed it quit abit, but one day she was passing by the old Senate she peeked inside to see Senators…The Senate was re-opended and so was Kat's dream, her dream to beacome a Senator to honor her mother.

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