Name: Kelborn
Alias: Kassar
Linden Name (If different from character): Seijuro Kamachi

Birth Place: Endor

Occupation: Mandalorian, leader of the Kassar Clan

Spouse: Lincey Kassar


Character History:

Aged of 27 years old, this Mandalorian don't know his real origin planet.

A lot of years ago, when he was only 4 or 5 years old, he dont remember, the ship of his father, D'arin Kassar were attacked by pirates, or something else, and crashed on the Endor moon. D'arin and Mira, his mother, died in the crash. Kelborn was saved by Ewoks, and lived with them.
One day, he finded the crashed star courrier of his father, the armor of his father, and holograms about his father's quest: finding someone named "Mand'alor".
The holograms contained also some détailed files about his real culture: the mando'ade.
Alone, Kelborn learned, and when he was 13, he decided to impose himself some tests, to become an adult. After repairing the ship of his father, he moved to Tatooine.
Attacked by Tuskens, he thought suddenly it was the perfect test for him. he uses the claws of his father armor only, and attacked them back.

This night, he killed all male Tuskens, leaving the womans and childrens.

After killing the Tuskens, the young Kelborn thought it was not enough for his tests.

He stayed two complete years in the deep desert, surviving alone, while continuing to learn the Mando'ade Culture.

Two years later, the Star courrier named the D'arin Runi left Tatooine, with a Mando'ade on his board, helped by his little R2 droid…

About twenty years later, Kelborn is still alive, and continue his duty, leading his vode, loving his wife, and continue to learn more and teach the mando'ade culture…

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