Lel - Dark Jedi

Name Lel (SL Name Poet Scarborough)
Race Blubreen
Hair Blue-black
Eyes Green gone blue-glow from too much Spice
Special Features Amphibious (gills and webbed digits)

Summary Enigmatic Dark Jedi who's a smuggler with the Black Sun Pirate fleet. Has a long history of serving Huttila the Hutt and his offspring. Known in the Dark Trade Federation as a reliable and high-volume supplier of Spice for the Hutts as well as other questionable cargo. Usually found skulking around Nar Shadda or Mos Espa, when not out on a run or a raid.


Lel never meshed with society on her home planet and after a particularly emotional argument with her family, she stowed away aboard a small spacecraft and left her home planet in the Ploo sector. The pilot was a Jedi Master by the name of Ammon T'Ureth and, after a bumpy start, the two forged a friendship. Lel spent several years under T'Ureth's tutelage before a violent encounter at a trade port took her master's life and left Lel critically injured. She was brought back from death's edge with the help of technology and a rusty but compassionate maintenance droid. Once fully recovered Lel took to drifting from planet to planet, struggling with the growing darkness that T'Ureth's death seeded within her.


Striving to find inner peace drove Lel to ever more remote and dangerous areas as she sought solace in the strange landscapes and shadowed back alleys of crowded alien cities. Violence was always less than a breath away thanks to the dodgy places she was drawn to. And then came Spice.

Lel's affair with Spice began at a trade city of little consequence and poor reputation. After a close encounter with a pair of overly-nosy Stormtroopers and a runaway landspeeder she took refuge in a market tent wherein a merchant told her all about Spice and the significance of its relationship with the Force. She tried the stuff and understood the way of the Glitterstim Shamans.

She started keeping a tin of the stuff on her ship at all times, an amount that grew larger over time. Spice, she felt, helped her maintain a balance. Kept her from falling off into the Dark void. She joined the Black Sun Pirates and started running Spice out of Mos Espa, where she joined Huttila the Hutt's household as a supplier.


She was in and out of port doing raids and missions with the Black Sun till the fleet set sail for Nar Shadda. In Nar Shadda she established herself as a smuggler for Clan Kluggaku, a branch of Huttila's family.

Over time Lel gained a reputation for being the "Dark Spice Jedi" and is involved in nearly every Spice trade circuit that's worth its weight in the Dark Trade Federation and beyond, including the Abo Spice smugglers and the Spice Smugglers Mercantile Association. It's not where she would have predicted herself becoming but… it is what it is.

A traditionalist, Lel uses the Force and a lightsaber: The only weapons for a true Jedi, in her opinion. Despite the fact that she's knowingly turning away from the Light, she still holds fast to many of the old ways of thinking and can be quite stubborn about it. She considers herself a Jedi first before all else and a very religious person where the Force is concerned but she has lost patience with the infighting among those that call themselves Jedi. The Sith ways are not attractive to her but the power of the Dark Side is very compelling. It's a growing addiction that she sometimes manages and that sometimes manages her.

As the political power struggles drag on and the tolls of fighting resound across the universe she finds less and less reason to resist the Dark Side. Only Spice and a detached interest in the outcome of the ever-shifting political environment keep her grounded.

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