Malcom Dawes

Name: Malcom Dawes
Alias: Dead Eye
Linden Name (If different from character): Elendreal Halasy

Birth Place: Bespin Mining Facility, born to Xavier Dawes and Melinda Dawes.

Occupation: Stormtrooper under the Imperial Storm Corps of Coruscant.

Spouse: DelaRosa Glimmer

Relatives: LavenderMist McTeague

Character History: A young boy growing up on besping I had little or nothing to do, I would often go to the firing range for the imperial Troops and station guards there and practice my skills with an E-11a, I have gotten quite good and my father gave me the nickname "Dead Eye" because one day when I was testing my skills in a 5 minute practice round, with targets and all, I missed only one which was hard for even the most experienced soldier to do. I now server as a Storm Trooper in Coruscant and to this day I use the E-11, but now instead of the first E-11a I carry an Imperial Standard E-11b

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