The Mandalorian culture has grown much over the years, though several times have fallen in numbers, scattering the people that cling to the way of life across the galaxy. It wasn’t until after the Vong wars, that the Mandalorians were called back to the planet Mandalore, by Mandalore Boba Fett, to rebuild their once great culture, and make them prosper again. As the years past, more wars sprung, more battles to be fought would come, causing the Mandalorians to once again spread out through the galaxy, losing it’s ties to their home planet and even to the rightful succession of Mandalore. Over the more recent years, the title of Mandalore has been passed along four times, currently now resting with Mandalore the Redeemer, Ardon Mereel. Currently the greater clans of the Mandalorians trek around the galaxy, looking for more ways to expand their influence and numbers, while also trying to bring back the once great numbers they had through reuniting their people. Social disorders between the clans in the past, as well as several incarnations of the Death Watch have caused problems with their goals, but they continue to hold strong and keep their faith. The greater clans, Mereel, Ordo, and Skirata headline the quest to reunite their kind, though they’re not beneath working their way into the fights that go on around them. Mandalore, taking a slightly more reserved stance with the clans, now oversees the actions of the clans. Stepping back to let them expand in numbers and activities, he’ll only step in to set things right when need be and keep a slight sense of peace between his brothers and sisters. This however, does not stop him from joining in on the fights they manage to drag themselves into.

OOC information:
For induction into the clans, read the attatched clan lists and contact the respective clan leader of the clan you wish to join. Each will have their own ways of bringing you in and testing you, this is your formal warning before application or attempt at entry.

Mandalore: Joseph Spearman

Clan Mereel: Adenn Mereel (Gunau Sodwind)

Clan Ordo: Sirus Reiner

Clan Skirata: Cy Skirata (Cyrano Zenith)

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