Name: Morpheus

Affiliation: Sith

Clone and darkside of Atticus Jetaime:

Former Emperor of Telos IV, Morpheus is the dark essence of the former Jedi, Atticus Jetaime. Created and used as a pawn by the Sith, Morpheus was originally brought forth by Natalie Sin, who has herself broken from the Sith. After dying on Telos IV, Morpheus' spirit entered the body of Atticus in order to take over his body. He failed, and became a part of Atticus for many years.

Due to an injection of sith poison, Atticus lost control of Morpheus. In an attempt to mend the trauma done by the poison, Morpheus agreed to help Atticus. In a moment of sacrifice, Morpheus repaired the split within Atticus' body.


For reasons unknown, Atticus asked Natalie Sin to once again separate the two. In a ceremony upon the ship Oneiros, Natalie once again performed a ceremony of transference of Morpheus into a clone that Atticus provided. Though this time, the ceremony was different…not of darkness.


Morpheus awakened, in his own body. What was said between the three is unknown, but they parted ways and Morpheus once again lives amongst the Sith…largely to be with the Sith woman who he originally sacrificed his life for - Malicia. Morpheus is content, but what are his true motives? Only time will tell.

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