Natalie Sin

Name: Natalie Sin

Alias: Lady Sin, Nat, Natzors (Thanks Tyler)

Birth Place: Unknown

Home Planet: Corellia

Occupation: Former Smuggler

Age: 30-Something

Race: Human/Diathim

Eyes: Green / Glowing Red

Hair: Red

Character History:

Early Life
Growing up on the streets of Corellia Natalie soon discovered a talent for getting items to and from destinations. Illegal or not, she seemd to have a charm to get through security check points with packages undetected. Eventually the Intergalactic Trade Association took note of her skills and recruited her.

Eventually Natalie made enough money as a smuggler and purchased her own ship. A sturdy ship, with no weapons, but enough armor and shields to get her through even the heaviest of blockades. Natalie totes that she has flown right through a barrage of imperial star destroyers and emerged virtually unscathed in her ship.

Connection to the Past


While on the planet of Byss, at the sith temples where the ITA had dealings, Natalie was drawn to the lower levels of the temple, to an area not easily accessible, near to the lava pits. When she searched the area where she felt drawn to, Natalie discovered a light saber, a little beat up and dirty from an unknown amount of time buried under the ash and rocks. The lightsaber was obviously not sith in design, and when she picked it up, Natalie felt a strange connection to the ancient weapon. She took the saber to her only jedi contact on Endor where the mystery of the saber unraveled, bit by bit.

After consulting with the jedi, Natalie embarked on a quest to discover the origins of the lightsaber. After examining the lightsaber a small engraving was found on the inside of the hilt. After visiting the Great Library of Anoth as well as the sith and jedi archives Natalie discovered that the symbol was that of the Sunrider family.

After returning to the jedi contact it was determined that Natalie was drawn to the saber because she was in fact, a descendent of the Sunrider line. Nomi Sunrider, one of the most powerful jedi masters of her age, and Natalie Sin was related to her.

Once she learned that she had jedi blood flowing through her veins, things started to make sense to Natalie. The ability to sense when somebody was near, or behind her suddenly wasn't just street smarts anymore. It was dormant jedi abilities. The ability to fly through a barrage of laser fire and emerge unscathed… jedi ability.

Plans for the Future
After consulting with her jedi contacts more it was determed that perhaps Natalie should see where her abilities would lead her. Thus she was sent on another quest, to the valley of the jedi. At the valley Natalie experienced two major events, the first being a vivid glimpse of future events, a battle that would bring about the destruction of an entire world. And the second, the calling, urging of a voice… Nomi Sunrider's voice.

The voice said very little, but what it did say had a profound impact on Natalie's entire outlook on things. No longer was she just a street smart kid from Corellia, suddenly she was the last in a long line of powerful force users.

After learning what she could about the various jedi and sith orders and meeting many different people, Natalie finally met somebody who had a great impact on her. A sith master of Telos IV by the name of Sage.

It seemed that Sage and Natalie were made up of very similar stuff. Both having a certain knack for being… evil. Sage brought out more of Natalie's talents over time… though she would never admit it openly Natalie was a bit sad that her talents were more of the dark art than that of the light. But what is good and bad, light and dark anyway!

Sage and Natalie devised a plan to corrupt one of the popular jedi masters of Telos IV, Atticus Jetaime. They turned Atticus' pregnant wife to the dark side, and thus forced him to choose between staying a jedi and killing his unborn child, or turning to the dark side and allowing his child to live. Atticus chose the only choice that any rational person could… he fell to the dark side.

Time of Evil Deeds


Some time later, the Telos Sith order fell in to disarray and all but disappeared. Her former master, Sage had joined with Atticus as a grey jedi… essentially mocking all that she had been taught to believe.

Natalie took this as a sign that she should learn more of the ancient sith ways and left on her ship to an undisclosed location, where she studied under an unnamed sith master and poured over many holocrons on ancient sith teachings.

Upon her return to Telos IV things were very different, Atticus had died and her chance for vengeance had died with him. This angered Natalie greatly and she began plotting an elaborate scheme what would throw the entire planet in to discord.

Through a new skill learned while away Natalie performed a ritual using ancient sith alchemy techniques and a lifeless clone of Atticus to ressurect the evil essence of Atticus and thus the scourge that was Morpheus was brought upon the planet of Telos IV. Natalie related her plan to bring chaos and discord to Telos IV to Morpheus, and with very little more prompting they began undermining all of the other orders and government of the planet, disguised as the trade group, The Exchange.

Morpheus continued to grow in power and his evil cunning soon far surpassed even her own designs for the planet. Soon the entire planet was waging war against The Exchange, Morpheus had created an army of clones… clones of himself.

Rebirth and Clensing of Sin


During the great war of Telos IV, Natalie felt as if she had some how done a great wrong to the force, that somehow, her creating Morpheus and his subsequent war on Telos IV was not the will of the force, that it was actually against the force it self. She never fully realised, but she had been a pawn all along to Darth Aatros, who had begun this ultimate plot long before she was even born.

Natalie decided to forsake the ways of the Sith, and left Telos IV. She went and studied in many of the great sith and jedi libraries scattered throughout the galaxy. During this time she felt tremendous disturbances in the force, as her creation, Morpheus ultimately destroyed the planet of Telos IV.

This weighed very heavily on her soul, and she tripled her efforts to find her true place in the force. And find it she did. During her studies, she came across a few, ancient and decrepit documents, outlining the teachings of a long dead Force Master who declared himself neither jedi nor sith. He taugh that balance was key, that light and dark can and must coexist for the balance and harmony of all things.

These teachings made a lot of sense to Natalie, and she devoted herself to learning all she could about the balance of the Force. She spent many years learning these new teachings and some even thought her lost forever.

The Living Force in Balance
Natalie eventually returned to familiar places, and familiar people, trying to show others the true way of the Force. When she ran across Morpheus… who had actually been reborn himself and now called himself Atticus again, she saw in him that he was well on his way to learning of the balance of the Force, and she only needed to give him small prods here and there.

Natalie lives currently in a small home on the beach on the planet Corellia, close to her closest friend Atticus. Atticus some times refers to Natalie as his mentor, but in Natalie's mind, he is the one who taught her, the one who showed her her true path to the balance of the Force.

Force Abilities
Natalie is not the strongest force user to ever live, but she is very well balanced and can readily accomplish most acts that jedi and sith use. She is skilled in the art of saber fighting, and has moderate ability to manipulate objects and people. She still retains many of her sith taught skills, such as force lightning and mind control, as well as having learned the jedi ability to heal others as well as herself.

OOC Stuff
I have read many of the EU books and have many favorite characters in the different time periods. One of my favorites being Nomi Sunrider. It was purely coincidental that my names initials are NS, but I rather like how it worked out.

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