Name: Pankaja
Alias: Pan, Big Guy
Linden Name (If different from character): Pankaja Schoonhoven

Race: Wookiee
Age: About 389
Birth Place: Kashyyyk

Occupation: Personal guard to Queen Hyacinth of Onderon, Senator of Kashyyyk, High Command of the Royal Liberation Front

Relatives: Deceased, tribe killed by Sith invasion

Honor Family: Hyacinth Janick

Character History:

Pan is an older Wook who enjoys talking of battles long-since passed, protecting his little Hyacinth, making his friends laugh, and knocking back a few Corellian ales. Don't be fooled though, there's a born and bred warrior beneath his graying fur.

Currently, Pan is the acting Senator of Kashyyyk in the Coruscant Senate and one of the High Commanders in Queen Hyacinth's Fleet. He is also a Chieftan of his tribe back on Kashyyyk.

Pankaja (or Pan to his closest friends) was born in the village of Rroolammkerwook on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. His father was a shaman in their village; from a young age, Pan was steeped in the traditions and legends of great Wooks, ancient beasts, and the herbs and medicines of their planet.

Like most Wookiees, Pan was raised a warrior. However, he was born in an era of peace, and the young Wookiees of Rroolammkerwook grew restless. One night, a fight erupted amongst the teenage pups, and Pan's best friend was slain by another Wookiee.

Born to believe in honor, but never in revenge, Pan was devastated by his friend's unhonorable death and his inability to act. He quickly began looking for a way to escape his planet- he wanted to see the thrill of great battles and the rest of the galaxy, as well as escape his sorrows and the torment and disillusionment caused by the loss of his friend.

For days, weeks, and then months, Pan watched the sky, hoping for some sort of ship to go by- though it took years for his hopes to be answered. When a ship full of aging (and slightly tipsy) space pirates crashed near his village in the early hours of the morning, Pan raced to the crash site to investigate before any other Wookiees could. He found and befriended the survivors, helping them to repair their ship. Though they didn't understand each other's language, they understood the offer the mutual friendship that had quickly grown amongst the group.

Pan traveled the galaxy with the smugglers, and when the last of them had passed on, he inherited the ship, the ship they had aptly renamed the Drunken Wroshyr.

Since then, Pan traveled the galaxy bartering his way from planet to planet with stolen goods he acquired as he joined different smuggling crews and rings. About 300 years after he left Kashyyyk, the Wookiee was just beginning to enter the later years of his prime. At the time, he was working as a smuggler on the distant world of Onderon

At the moment, Onderon was in an era of peace though, and he was soon caught red handed helping smuggle illegal spices onto the planet. He and his smuggler friends were imprisioned and sentenced to death.

The King of Onderon was brought a stackful of execution papers he was to sign. Curious as to what could possibly have neccessitated a mass execution, he went to the prison complex. Having been a bit of an adventurer himself in his younger years, the ruler couldn't find it in his heart to execute the rag-tag group of pirates. He freed them, thus saving Pankaja's life. In Wookiee tradition, this meant that his life was now indebted to the King of Onderon.

Pan quickly became the King's top bodyguard. Always at the monarch's side, Pan quickly learned the ways of nobility- all the while protecting the King from various assassination attempts.

When the Sith invaded Onderon, the King knew there was nothing Pan could do to save him. The King's final act as ruler was to send Pan to find the infant princess and to watch over her until she was old enough to be Queen. Unfortunately, a servant beat the Wookiee to it, sending the girl on a ship out of the system. Pan wouldn't find her for 8 years until a small, sassy, red-headed Corellian orphan tried to pick his pocket…

The years passed as Pan watched over Hyacinth. Now as she emerges into adulthood and her role as Queen of Onderon, Pan continues to oversee her progress.

In the midst of their adventures, Pan returned to Kashyyyk to look for his family, but found that his old tribe had been wiped out. He found only some remains from his old home- noteably a pendant his father used in rituals, and the whip is warrior mother was famous for; he keeps these two items on him at all times.

He met a tribe of Wookiees while there there who were trying to regroup their people. They allowed him to join and, in his efforts to raise awareness across the galaxy during his travels of the Wookiee plight for freedom, was named a Chieftan.

When he returned, he learned from Hyacinth that the Empire had reinstated the Imperial Senate…and they soon aked him to join Senator Janick of Onderon in the Senate as Senator Pankaja of Kashyyyk. With the approval of his tribe and the tribes of the planet, Pan now represents the Wookiee race.

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