Princess Astra

-- Some History of the Princess Astra -—-

Astra, Princess of Onderon, is the youngest daughter of Queen Hyacynth's Uncle, Lord Machette.

The Princess Astra was raised in the court of her Father until he was killed by a raiding party after the High Holy day Ceremony. Being the youngest of her father's children, Princess Astra was send to live with Duke BelMakor, a cousin, for her formative years, right after the funeral of her father. She has 7 royal siblings older than herself, and it was doubted by all, except BelMakor, that she would some-day rule.

Duke BelMakor, unlike Astra's Father, was a man who saw great benefit in educating children in an inclusive way, so she was exposed to all sorts of ideas and people's she might have never thought of.

At the tender age of 14, Princess Astra was ennobled by her Cousin, Queen Hyacynth , when she was granted the title " Princess Royal". With the ascension, the new-found Royal Princess, Astra's future was secure in the wealth and power of her Planet.

An arranged marriage was waiting for Astra after she returned from her 3year tour of the known Universe. Being 19, Astra was marrying late, but her Cousin and the Queen could deny her not, when she pleaded with them to allow the tour.

A suitable husband, Lord Cennard, was found for the Princess. And while she was not madly in love with him, she did come to love him. She had 5 wonderful years with Lord Cennard, even producing him an heir, Ashland, he who would be the next Lord Cennard.

Tragedy struck the House of Cennard, when Lord Cennard , was murdered by thieves on the water world of Manaan while attending a trade meeting.

Now, one year later, Princess Astra has put aside her grief and now journeys to her childhood home to step into her Cousin's place as the Head of State for Onderon.

Long Live the Princess Regent!!!

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