Rilic Dommor

Name: Rilic Dommor

Affiliation: Serenno Government, New Galactic Empire

Title: Count of Serenno

Once a Jedi Knight and Sentinel of the Old Republic, was cast into hidding once the Enclave on Dantooine was destroyed along with several other Jedi Facilities. During this time he wound up in a fight against a low ranking Sith but was caught in a carbonite explosion and frozen solid. Over four thousand years he remained frozen on Chandrila, his mind active and able to sense everything that occured around him, until finally he was discovered by a man named Kel Starkill.

Starkill unfroze his body using the medical bay on board his ship the Folding Iris, once awake the ancient Jedi was not only concerned but had forgetten even his name. Kel helped him learn to speak easily again and regain some of his strength before dropping him off at the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV so that he would re-learn what he had forgotten. He was welcomed into the Order with open arms and was able to keep his title of Jedi Knight but was learned under the direction of Jedi Master Mantis Grebe, a wookie Jedi who practiced the ways of the Jedi Consular.

It wasnt long before Rilic managed to regain his full control over the force and even unlock his first name, still unable to remember the majority of his past he decided to use the last name Qel-Droma as it was a name he remembered. Over the course of two years he had taken a Padawan and was well on his way to becoming a Jedi Master when somthing unexpected occured on the Planet of Jabiim. During a simple mission to speak with the Governing faction of the planet Rilic's apprentice was assassinated by a Sith, unable to locate the attacker Rilic returned to Yavin to ask for aid in his investigation. The council refused to help because they could sense his intent on Revenge, instead they gave him a new task, to aid the people of Serenno in their problems with recent criminal activities on the planet. He took the mission to try and burry the emotions of hate and angre he felt towards the Sith now.

Upon his arrival to Serenno he was imediately made aware that the head political leaders of the government had been murdered in cold blood, by the very same criminals intent on taking over the planet. With the aid of the Serenno Armed Guard he waged a small war against these vegrants, capturing and imprisoning many of the cell leaders in an attempt to bring the leader of the syndicate out of hiding. To Rilic's suprise it didn't take long for the leader to reveal themselves, but there was a catch, the leader was a Sith Lord. They called Rilic out to a public challenge, the winner became the planets leader. Rilic by his own ambition backed by the plea of the Serenno government could not refuse the challenge.

They met at the aged residence of the long dead Count Dooku for the duel, many spectators filled the building, all hoping that the Jedi Knight was strong enough to defeat this dark lord. Rilic waited for his arrival with his lightsaber in hand. The Sith Lord known as 'Darth Nyro' arrived flanked by many of his desciples but they only covered the way of retreat, making sure this fight was to the death. The Sith ingnited his saber and charged Rilic, the two exchanged swings and parry's for a long time before Rilic was his in the shoulder with the top of Nyro's lightsaber. While on the ground Rilic used it to his advantage, appearing to be more wounded then he was. The Sith went to strike and lifted his saber but Rilic used the force to call his lightsaber back into his hand and pierce the Sith's stomach. His green lightsaber emitted through the Sith's stomach and out his back, using force push Rilic sent Nyro sprawling backwards towards the line of Dark Jedi. Nyro asked for mercy but one of the Dark Acolytes removed his head as per ordered before the combat began.

The Acolytes swore their allegiance to Rilic and were made into the Serenno Elite Guard, tasked to pursue villains and bring them to justice either by brining them in or removing them from the picture. The people of Serenno honored Rilic and granted him the age old title of Count, as the ruling family was dead he was the sole protector of the planet other then the Elite Guard. He took his title and prestige with dignity and lead the planets economy and commerce to strive with his intellect. Also pulling duty as the planets Senator he was required to attend the Senate meetings on Coruscant until its disolver after a failed assassination attempt on the Empress. He returned to his planet and decided to keep the Planet neutral and independant, and with that decision the planet managed to attract little attention and keep a safe economy.

Four years passed until Rilic was taken captive by a group of Sith assassins, the government sent a plea of help to the Jedi to help rescue the Count but it went unanswered. Over four months Rilic went through extreme torture and punishment for information but never said a thing, only laughing at his captors until one day, they made a crucial mistake. They sent one of their new apprentices to summon Rilic, he took her lightsaber and left her unconscious. Making his way to their chamber he killed everyone else in his path that aided in his torture or capture until finally reaching the one who ploted the entire thing. A fight ensued where Rilic lost his right leg but managed to colapse a portion of the building on the unexpecting Sith. Before Rilic beheaded the dying Sith as a sign of mercy the Sith said somthing to him "Dolor, killed your apprentice" after that his head was removed by the very lightsaber that had been used against him.

Rilic returned to his government and there was much celebration, his death had been a miscommunication and a lie to make the government fall apart but they kept up, just like Rilic had told them to in the event of his death. He made his way to the new Jedi home on Ruusan, the fabled Valley of the Jedi and announced his departure from the Order. His friends asked him to stay but there was no doubt in his mind that the Jedi of today were nothing that even resembled those of his time. On his way back to Serenno he was informed of a civil war plaguing the people of Onderon, until learning that the local resistence fighters had been more then exagerating the Imperial pressence there.

After a brief meeting with the Empress Talmerith Jael, Rilic decided to aid the Empire with his ressources and even arranged the reforming of the Ancient Imperial Guard from centuries before. He was asked to serve as a basic member of the Empire to show his loyalty and agreed to this ploy by the Empress to try and turn him away. Once he completed this time he obtained some more noble like clothing and the Empress aknowledged his title of Count once more. Upon a small trip to Chandrila he managed to locate on of his personal holocrons, that contained information on the last twelve years of his life before he was frozen, including his last name. Dommor.

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