The Republic Liberation Front was an alliance of planetary-level, system-level and sector-level resistance forces formed in direct opposition to the Galactic Empire. Founded by Onderonian Queen Hyacinth Janick, it was shaped by a group of Loyalists determined to preserve the ideals of the Galactic Republic. This grew to include Separatists, neutral systems, and defecting Imperials. While less numerous and less powerful than the Imperial Military, they possessed a strong will to fight, dedicated soldiers, and brilliant commanders.

This is about unification, a genuine concern for liberating the common man, and revenge achieved through rebellion.

( This is essentially a rebellious military for the common people. It's the ressurection of the classic rebel alliance as seen in the older star wars movies. This is a high role play group dedicated to making EPIC storyline and uniting players in that joined experience of liberation. )

To recieve the recruitment forum, contact Hyacinth Janick (or visit one of her notecard terminals, which can be found throughout the Onderon sim ).

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