Selkra Munro

Name: Selkra Munro
Allias: Kelrick "The Star" Starkiller

Birth Place: Unknown

Home Planet: Onderon, Noble District

Age: 27

Eyes: Teal

Hair: Naturally Black

Character Background:

"Even those who do bad things for good reasons get remembered for the bad part of it" - Selkra Munro as Kelrick Starkiller

Selkra was adopted at the age of two after his real parents were killed on a trip to Onderon by Black Sun operatives. A local noble family took pity on him and brought him into their family, they owned a rather large estate in the Tshirmar Falls region on Onderon in the Noble district. The family last name was Munro who recently had purchased the majority of the controling stock in the Czerka Arms Corporation.

During his childhood Selkra attended private schools on Onderon only to be told he was force sensitive at the age of seven. His adoptive parents believed he would be would be beter off attending school rather then training in the force. Over the next twelve years he attended the top schools and graduated top of his class from the Onderon Military Academy with merits of achievement. This However did not last as Selkra decide to persue his talents and went to Yavin IV to become a Jedi.


After only two years of training Selkra was granted the title of Jedi Knight taking on two Padawans by the name of Telri Kinor and Hen Durron. Selkra being unusually strong in saber combat become one of the first Knights to become a Jedi Blademaster. Six months passed by with his Padawans learning much of the force when somthing unexpected happened. He was severely injured during a small Sith attempt to sabotage a Jedi Shuttle.
He wound up learning one of his Padawans was killed in the explosion and refused to complete the others training due to anger issues.


He later that year left the Jedi order and joined the Imperial Military in an attempt to help defend the peace that the galaxy currently held. After attaining the rank of Sergeant Major Selkra learned of his adoptive parents deaths in a small firefight between a group of local pirates who based themselves on Onderon and the local Guard Forces. He left the Imperial military to learn what happened to his parents and persued the people who had caused their deaths.

"The Darkside was stronger then I thought at the time" - Selkra after coming back from the Darkside

Once on Onderon he made it his goal to hunt down any person who was a member of the pirate faction involved in the incident where his parents were killed. He searched Onderon for months and struck down over thirty members of the group before he found the one man who was responsible. His hatred for the man only doubled when he was informed it was a Sith who paid for the attack. Selkra decapitated the man and through his body to his watching comrads.

Now on the tail of the Sith responsible Selkra had near completely lost his mind letting nothing stop him from reaching his goal until one day his Padawan Telri Kinor who had now become a Knight ran into him outside of Mos Eisely. Telri tried to stop him and make him seek reason which only resulted in the two exchanging blows with lightsabers. Telri managed to injur Selkra by force throwing a rock which distracted him enough to allow her to slash his eye. However in anger Selkra swung and removed Telri's arm and just before he was about to end her life, the voice of his dead Padawan brought him to reason. He brought her to a medical center and left his lightsaber behind with access to a credit account that would provide her with more then enough credits to settle down.

"These simple tricks and luck are what makes me win Jinny" Selkra Munro after first taking the name Kelrick Starkiller

Now going by the name Kelrick, he had become a Smuggler and Bounty Hunter by trade and used his credits from Czerka to fund his gambling. After become a well known Sabacc player he was given the nickname "The Star" after the card. He had a uncanny ability to win almost every card game he played and had never been forced to jettison his cargo. He lived as his past had never occured from that point. Living in places for only a few days then moving on or spending long periods of time on his ship named the Crimson Folley.


After four years, now the age of twenty seven and a seasoned criminal, Kelrick had been seeing on the Holonews that the Sith had been becoming a rather large problem with the Empire. In hopes of finding that Sith he decided to join the Empire once more, only this time as an Imperial Knight. He stepped off the shuttle on Coruscant no longer under his false name and was given his new life and uniform by his mentor and instructor Imperial Knight Captain Katti.

After being involved in the invasion of Onderon, Selkra aided the Imperial Stormtroopers as an Imperial Knight Initiate. His training with Knight Captain Katti Meili continued and his skills with a lightsaber returned rather quickly. After the completion of several small missions Selkra was given a rather large assignment. This mission was the Capture of Ex-Imperial Knight Vilda Kazyanenko who had been seen interacting with the Sith. Selkra and one other initiate went to Ruusan to find out what information they could from the Jedi about Vilda's assignment on Vjun however they found out it was not an assignment and Vilda had turned to the Sith.

Over the course of a week Selkra resumed his old identity as Kelrick Starkiller and posed as a possible applicant to the Sith order on Vjun in order to find Vilda. After locating Vilda, Selkra tracked him for several days before making his move on Korriban to capture the Sith. Shortly after incapacitating the Ex-night Selkra wound up being confronted by another Sith and in order to complete his mission used Vilda as leverage to escape. The Sith chased Selkra to a cliff where Selkra threatened to drop Vilda, stalling for the nearby Imperial shuttle that was making its way there. Upon its arrival Selkra dove off the cliff taking Vilda with him. The Sith followed them and a lightsaber battle took place on top of the shuttle. The battle continued for over twenty minutes, the two exchanging blows before Selkra made a decision that might kill himself. He ordered the pilot to increase speed which caught the Sith off guard. Using the force Selkra tore a piece of durasteel plating off the shuttle and sent it flying at the Sith, forcing her to be send flying off the shuttle. His mission was a success.

Upon arriving back on Onderon with his captive Selkra brought him directly to the Palace where Empress Talmerith Jael interrogated him. After getting what information was needed out of the now Sith Apprentice, Selkra was ordered to hand him over to the Jedi on Ruusan. Several Jedi accompanied Selkra to make sure that Vilda would not escape. Once Vilda was turned over to the Jedi, Selkra headed back to Onderon to resume his duties to protect the Empress. Only a day passed before Selkra was called into the throne room and was granted the title of Imperial Knight. Now a full Knight Selkra decided to start taking large patrols through the Onderon streets in hopes to find any Sith on the planet and eliminate them.


A few days passed with no issues whatsoever until the Sith attacked Payden Bleich who was currently seeing Selkra. With the aid of the recently recovered Captain Meili he engaged the Sith both Knights taking on four Sith each and showing their impressive combat prowess as Imperial Knights. The battle lasted what seemed to be an eternity until finally the last Sith was brought down by Selkra. During the battle the Sith had captured Payden and used her as a bargaining chip for Selkra to return the few Sith they had captured and detained. Payden was returned in rough shape which angered Selkra enough to almost take an entire battalion to Vjun and annihilate anyone who got in his way but he though beter of it and would not strike out in personal revenge. He vowed to one day however destroy the Sith who hurt her.

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