Shelkar Slyusarenko

Name: Shelkar Slyusarenko
Species: Selkath
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Manaan
Languages: Selkatha, Basic
Spouse: Reeshada (Deceased)
Daughter: Sheyla

Occupation: Presiding Chief Justice of the Ahto High Court

Following the path of his great, great Grandfather, Shelkar quickly rose the ranks of teh legal system on Manaan. He is calm and efficient. He is fair in his rulings, always looking to the evidence that is provided. He believes in neutrality - almost to a fault.

Being a Selkath, his natural habitat is the ocean. He can breathe both air and water.


During the occupation of Manaan by the Empire, Shelkar was often taken advantage of in the power plays between the Sith and the Empire. Lord Morpheus, now Atticus Jetaime, convinced Shelkar that the Empire was out to take their precious Kolto. But during the Sith occupation, Morpheus changed in his beliefs…and then, by the name Atticus, told Shelkar of all that the Sith had done, convincing him that the Empire never acted against the Selkath.

Shelkar made peace with the Empire, but was then taken down in an assassination attempt, plotted by fellow justice Jhosa Selkath. Jhosa soon after fled to join the Sith, who cut off all main supply lines to Mannan…ending the trade between the Empire and the Selkath.

Shelkar recovered, but uses a cane to walk due to his injuries. He has now reopened his friendship with Atticus Jetaime, intrigued by the human's Potentium beliefs. He generally stays to Manaan, but will sometimes venture out to other planets to preside over certain cases.

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