Sith Ancients

Under Darth Adazca's rule the ways of old were resurrected and the Ancient Sith Order arose. In this Order the "New Order" Rule of Two was replaced by one Master having no more than three Apprentices. Accepting the two Sith hopefuls Salem and Archer as his apprentice Darth Adazca kept his third position reserved for a mysterious warrior he had the honor of training with as a younger man. In addition, Darth Reed was placed as the second Master in the Order.

Principle Beliefs
The Sith Ancients is founded upon the law of survival of the fittest. A Master of the Order may take up to three Apprentices at any given time; survival of each apprentice is not garunteed, or encouraged. Competition is the primary motivation for rank advancement as well as the furthering of training - those who excel in their teachings gain the eye of the higher ranked members of the Order and are more often considered for Apprenticeship. The dynamics of the Order border chaos by nature, yet it is the value of mortality and personal strength and confidence that the Sith Ancients learn through lessons in bloodshed.

System of Rank

"My word is law. If you doubt them, challenge me, and test your wisdom against my saber. Your words are weightless against mine unless you are willing to die for what you believe." -Master Adazca

  • Temple Master
  • Kissai
  • Acolytes1 / Darth
  • Apprentice
  • Initiate

Unlike many Orders of it's era, the Sith Ancients featured an extremely limited range of ranks and enforced it's simple Code with even simpler methods of dealing with those who broke them. Within the Order there grew a sense of honor that Temple Master Adazca silently protected; grudges were solved through a duel to first blood and outlaws and exiles of the Order were given a chance to defend themselves from execution by facing a duel to the death with the Temple Master. To date, no exile is known to have survived to usurp the reigning Temple Master.

The Order falls to darkness

With the self-exile of Temple Master Adazca leadership was passed on to Darth Raven by default. As the survivng loyalists to Adazca faded out of the Order or were removed by Raven the Order made a slow turn away from the Sith practices and beliefs and became an Order of Dark Jedi. This move was completed when the Order was formally abandoned and renamed the Dark Ancients by Dark Lady Raven after the re-appearance of Adazca years later. However, by this time only two members of the Sith Ancients were known to pledge allegiance still to Adazca the original Order. These individuals were Darth Mephistus and Darth Magnanimous, two apprentices Adazca had found in his exile and secretly trained.

A return to the old ways

"What I need to know is…will you take your rightful place? Will you take up your seat on the throne, will you lead us once more?" - Darth Mephistus to Adazca 77

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