Name: Adael Fitch (Pronounced "Ah-day-ahl")
Alias: Skye
Race: Echani
Age: 20
Birth Place: ?

Occupation: Owns a droid repair shop with his faithful cyborg, Artemis Bird.

Relatives: Deceased

Character History:

Skye laughs quietly to himself, "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. My hands are as gentle as a…whoops!" his delicate proclamation of boasting cut off as he absentmindedly falls off the ship, dropping the tool. Sitting up, he rubs his bottom. "Meant to do that," he exhales, "Gunna check on the engine." He pulls himself to his feet, ow-ing quietly in the process.

Quiet, witty, and wise beyond his years, "Skye" prefers to watch from the shadows, commenting quietly. His words, though sometimes cryptic, and still other times slightly arrogant, are often impregnated with wisdom and keen intellect.

Skye is a young technician who is the current owner of Artemis, an erratic cyborg and his companion through thick and thin.

Skye is the owner of a droid repair shop in the Industrial Sector of the Imperial City of Coruscant (second floor, drop on by!)

Skye has no memory of his family or his younger life, he just remembers struggling to survive in the Undercity of Coruscant. His only friend was a cyborg named Artemis who, though she remembers being passed down through his family, does not know what tragedy killed Skye's family and consequently irrepairably damaged her memory core. Skye did however recently learn that he is an Echani, a near-human species whose silver hair and eyes as well as their quick reflexes and keen feel for battle set them apart from the human race.

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