The Spectre’s formed from a group of Imperial patriots, formerly employed by the Empire. These people left the Empire for various reasons, but all hold the same belief that the Empire is falling continuously into disarray, and cannot keep itself held together unless an intervening force helps them. Unwilling to rejoin the ranks under the current leading bodies, they formed their own splinter faction to do their operations as they saw fit. Their main goal is to disrupt the external forces that wish to do damage to the Empire in any way shape or form. This leads them on several recon, espionage, and sabotage missions. Their Leader, Ardonis Commodore, left the Empire due to many factors in its current state. Hold the firm belief that the leadership is being challenged and corrupted by Sith influence, his suspicions run high of the hierarchy and their involvement with outside forces. Other members of the group served through various other positions of the Empire, though namely in the Imperial Knights, or the Storm Corp. Equipped with a wide variety of new and old technology, most times their presence is only known when it’s wanted.

OOC information:
This is a closed group, not open for outside invitations. All members inducted into the group are done so through roleplay and extensive trials to ensure their trustworthiness and abilities. Please do not ask to be join, we’ll ask you.

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